please help miyata 24in tire options

can someone please please tell me who makes a 24x1.75 tire for a miyata?
I cannot seem to find a replacement.
Include links if possible thanks

These tires from will work:

The others are either too wide or for oddball old Schwinn rim sizes. Funny that there aren’t Miyata tires on there any more. I believe are the importers for Miyata in the United States. But I’m not sure where you are. If in the US, you could also try Tommy Miller (The Unicycle Factory) at 765-452-2692. He may still have some actual Miyata tires. Otherwise give a call and ask if they know where to get Miyata tires.

I don’t think the first tire fits a Miyata frame; at least, it doesn’t fit my 24" Miyata Deluxe. The second tire is kind of crappy, but it fits.

Okay, scratch the first one. Those Miyata frames are pretty narrow! I had a brand new wheel built for NAUCC on my old Miyata, then put on a Miyata tirea I already had, and it rubbed because the wheel had an oh-so slight dish in it!

Bedford has the Miyata whitewall tire for 25 bucks Canadian plus shipping. Otherwise you could always order the tire direct from Miyata for about 32 dollars American with shipping.

And yes they do ship to the states.