Please Help Me!!!

I have been riding since September and i just signed up for a talent show for my school to ride the unicycle. What i can do now is Ride Backwards, Idle, Hop, 180 Hop, Hop onto curbs ride and then hop off, Hop around randomly, ride with seat out front. I feel like i need more tho and i have a month to practice. If anyone knows tricks that really gets people excited please post up. And a little “how to” would be great also. I am riding my Sun 20’’ Flat Top. Also should i get a seat with a grap handle. Thanks for you time… Honto.

What you have is plenty. Just work up a routine with it, get some music and an outfit of some kind, and see if you can practice it in the same place you’ll be performing. Good luck!

Well, the drop off the stage and hop back up the stairs thing is pretty popular with school kids. Sounds like you might have a chance at doing that too.


#1: Place your request in the SUBJECT LINE. That’s what it’s for. Mostly I only enter threads with vague titles like yours to educate the users what the subject line is for.

#2: Don’t request help for a show that’s only a few days away. You have a whole month! Congratulations! That’s plenty of time to actually use any advice you get here. There are a couple of ways for you to approach your performance:

a) Do tricks. Shoot for a performance of one minute or less. Go long and you’ll lose the audience’s interest. Only ever use the minimum amount of time you need to show your best stuff. Try jumping rope. It’s a little frustrating at first, but if you get used to the idea of hopping while squeezing the seat between your legs, the rope part is pretty easy. Just have enough rope to clear your pedals. Down & up the stairs to the stage is good too.

b) Be funny. This can get you lots more stage time, and your act will be based on entertainment value, rather than impressing the audience with your skills. Plus you’ll get to impress them with your skills as a bonus. For example, have someone else put on the act, and teach a volunteer how to ride a unicycle. Start with a seat that’s too high, then too loose so it keeps twisting. Then do a bunch of silly groping while you try your first pedals. Finally, launch out of control across the stage, backwards. Ride off the side of the stage and knock down a pile of folding chairs and music stands. Those make a lot of noise, and are usually easy to find behind school stages. Then ride out again and do a couple of tricks really quick. Then end.

i can barly wheel walk but that usually impresses non uniers

90% or more of your audience isn’t going to know or care about how much harder one trick is than another. work up a routine that builds visually. or be really funny. get a partner (maybe not on a unicycle) and chase them around, or have them chase you around. funny might work better than serious. but you have a whole month. i’d actually not work on new tricks. not at all. i’d work on making a good routine that fills your time and getting good at that.

riding one footed looks good and is acutally quite easy…