please help me :)

hey guys, i have just been given a unicycle and its the size reccomended for my legs…problem is i cant reach the pedal if its at the bottom of the rotation… just wondering if i can cut maybe 5cm off the seat post so i can reach and try to learn?


I don’t know how tall you are or what you purchased but you can cut the seat post to whatever you need, I usually sit on it and try to speculate how much of the seat post has to go. I always have to cut my seat posts, in fact the last time I went out and bought a pipe cutter so I am prepared for all uni’s I get.
I’m sure someone else can give you a little bit better advice since I’m still a newbie, but I always cut my posts.

yes you can cut your seat post. but you wont have to cut heaps of as you can still lower seat. I normaly cut about 3 inchs which is heaps because once the seat is lowered as much as possible (with out the seat post hitting the wheel)

First, try to move the seat down. Unless you have a quick release seatpost clamp, this will require the appropriate hex key.

If the seatpost is too long, cut it with a hacksaw or a pipe cutter. If you use a hacksaw, file down the sharp edges.
Only take off as much as you have to.

awesome, thank you guys. i was getting worried that i would have to find a way to return the uni :\ but now ill cut the post and get onto learning! cant wait! i want to go out and practice now but its way to dark and cold outside!