Please help me turn

I recieved such excelent expert help from the people at this forum that I would like you to please assist me to learn to improve my turning. I can sort of turn, but it is very shaky. I cannot yet turn around on a street. Do any of you have any types, routines or drills that you practiced to improve your turning.



this is a bit more fun than learning to mount because once you start learning to turn you wil make all sorts of funny postions with your arms. but dont fret its normal nomatter what level of skill you are you will always move your arms around funny to correct something, it happens all the time when learnig neww things that require turning or torso movement.

I learned by putting my arms out like an airplane and glidng into a turn and correcting myself from there, if you can remember when you were a kid and you ra around like an airplane and had your arms out and such try to imitate it. then just try to keep your arms paralellto your shoulders sothen you can move them around to fix balance, a main tip is jst to have trust andgo for it a few little scratches on a seat is nothing to worry about.

  1. arms up and out, you will later learn how to “jog”
  2. just go with the turn, dont over compensate and dont worry about anyting else
    3.practice practice practice

Make sure you go slow, try to feel each pedal stroke. Start by going straight and going as slow as you can. Then work on turning…

There are 2 kinds of turns, maybe more but these are the two basic ones

  1. turn from the hips

This one you tilt your hips while you are pedaling keep your uper body vertical and shift at your hips. Turning like this is a nice gradual arc vr a fast sharp turn

  1. Twist Turns

To do this you are going to snap your hips in the direction you want to turn. Keep your arms out and start the turn with your shoulders.

I often find myself doing a combination of both kinds of turns at the same time.

Like Catboy said nothing beats pratice.

Good luck


For a sharp turn, slow right down or even stop. Then if you are turning right, do so as the right pedal goes down, and vice versa.

Except for extreme turns, I don’t think you steer with the hips, you steer with the wheel. What happens is the wheel leans into the turn, then you sort of ride round the curve of the rim. Even a sharp turn should be smooth.

The best thing you can do is find a small enclosed area - say 10 yards/metres by 10, and ride round and round it. Make sure you don’t confine yourself to turning the easy way - everyone has a strong side and a weak side.

The best turning practice I ever did was indoors in a vilage hall. I got into the habit of riding laps of the room getting as near tot he corner as possible. When I became more competent, I then rode across the diagonal of the hall, forcing myself to ride further and further into the corner before turning out.

If you put yourself in an enclosed area, you will have to practise turning, going slow and idling. If you do it in the street, you will find yourself riding up and down in a straight line and only sometimes turning.

Good luck.

also you should try finding a realy big space and start riding in a figure 8, huge as you like, and then make it as small as you can.

and again practice practice parctice.

Another thing to do is to buy some of those short little orange sports cones from a place like Wal-Mart and zig-zag between them.