Please help me to buy a unicycle for Flat

Please help me to buy a unicycle for Flat

In which way do you wan’t to have help?

At secondary school I had a maths teacher called Mr.Flat. His wife, Mrs. Flat taught french. As far as I am aware neither one could ride a unicycle

help in choosing a model

unis you are considering?
trials or 20"?
will this be for flat only or for other styles as well? (trials, street)
long neck or short neck (your height might make the choice for you)

budget of £ 350
But for this:

You could almost get a KH flatland for £ 350. You might as well go for something really nice since you’re willing to spend some money.

how to select neck. Short or long? For what kind of style? What determines the choice of forks? From human growth which tyre for which style? (With tread or smooth) Thank you from Russia!!!)))):):slight_smile:

A trials has a fatter tire and is better for hopping (ie trials), and gives some coushon, the more versitile one.

A 20" is slightly bigger so is a tad faster, rolls smoother, and MUCH larger tire selection.

A long neck frame moves the seatpost clamp up to reduce the likelyhood you bump into it doing leg wraps or something (I think it’s a non-issue for most w/ a regular frame). Also if you use a steel seatpost (which may last a while longer than the most recent aluminum KH post) you could cut it shorter making the uni a bit lighter.

The normal price of a KH is a bit over your stated budget (375 GBP) but this one is on sale for 310

for 300 EUR can buy a good unicycle? :thinking:

300 EUR is quite a bit less than 300 GBP, rulling out KH or similar. This puts you w/ a heavier steel frame on a Nimbus, Torker, or Qu-Ax.

You still didn’t answer any of:

no! not only for the Flat, and a little street!
my height is 180cm. for the growth of which the neck is needed?
UNIS is a what?

So, that’s like 5’ 11". You could definitely use a long neck if you wanted to.

Most riders would get a trials if they wanted to do flat and street, but there’s good riders who do street just fine on a 20".

Again the same steel unis I stated above. The 48 spokes on the Torker DX or Qu-Ax is overkill making the wheel stronger but heavier.

A wide rim allows to run a lower air pressure if you want, reduces tire fold over and pinch flats. Widest to narrowest are Koxx, Qu-Ax, Nimbus, and Torker.

Koxx and Nimbus have lots of color choices.

Koxx hubs of some years say they are ISIS, but are not compatible w/ other brand ISIS cranks if you ever wanted to switch.

The stock Nimbus cranks aren’t super strong so upgrading to KH Moments should be considered. Some like them shorter and some longer (ie 110 mm, 125, or 145).

I’d get a Nimbus, stock and avoid big drops. After you’ve ridden for a while ride w/ some others and try their unis and see whether you like the longer/shorter cranks better. Then upgrade to the appropriate stronger crank.

“unis” means unicycles. It just saves some typing.

which of these models is better?
thank you!!!

which of these models is better?
thank you!!!
or do you please advise the model!

Are you in the UK or continential Europe?

The Equinox has the higher specification frame and hub than the Green Spirit and I would have thought a more appropriate unicycle for what you have suggested doing on it as it is lighter.

The Green Spirit is also a discontinued model.


I live in Russia

but I will buy in the UK or Germany.