Please help. Crank problems..

I’ve only been unicycling for a few months now, I’m still a beginner. Recently I’ve been having problems with my unicycle. About too weeks ago, my left crank fell off while riding. I re-attached it, and it fell off again after about a mile of riding. I keep on re-attaching it, but it never lasts more than two miles. I tried making sure it was on all the way with a rubber mallet, and that helped a little bit, but it still fell off after about three miles. I usually do a standard mount with my right foot first and I am right footed. However, even when I mount with my left foot first, the crank still comes off. My unicycle isn’t the world’s greatest, but it’s not all too bad. Is there anything that I could be doing wrong that’s causing this to happen? Any other suggestions? I attached a picture, I don’t know whether or not it will help, but it doesn’t hurt. Thank you very much


Be sure to grease the tapers before you install the cranks. That, along with mallet beating, will help to keep the crank on. Also be sure to use a lot of torque when tightening the nut, and tighten it again after a little bit of riding. The crank can settle in more while riding.

Good luck,

I have the exact same unicycle as you and the very same thing happened to me. Follow the instructions on this site and you will be in working order shortly. Oh and it really helps if you get new nuts for the cranks too. Just drop by your local bike shop and show them what you need.


Your crank is probably wrecked by now. Hopefully your hub/axle tapers are OK. You’ll at least need to get new cranks. Make sure you get the new cranks tight and then check them often so they stay tight. If your crank gets loose and falls off just once, it’s probably history. I wouldn’t think you would need to get new nuts and I don’t grease my tapers either, but that could start a whole new argument.

The main thing is to not let them get loose in the first place. I check mine quite often after I’ve first installed them, and then about once a week after a while.

cheers… Mojoe