please explain

me and a friend were having a debate about this earlier today.
as part of getting your level three you need to ride over a 10 x 10cm obstical,
now i take it that means 10cm high and 10 wide and length isn’t mentioned
but does that mean you can like hop onto it and over or do you literally have to ride over it cos i’d imagine that’d be really hard with a smaller wheel.

For my ‘test’ I could just hop over it. So I am led to believe you can just hop over it yes.


10.4.2 LEVEL 3: 10 X 10 CM OBSTACLE:
A standard 4" x 4", or two attached 2" x 4" pieces of lumber are acceptable to use, though smaller than 10 cm. The obstacle should be a rigid solid object. The rider can ride or jump (forward or sideways) over the obstacle, using no external aids, as long as rider begins and ends the skill on the unicycle.

got that off the unicyling society of america, so it looks like you can, in america anyway, not sure about Scotland

QUOTE: please explain

hahaha Pauline hanson

How high can you hop?