Please check out my 'Unicycle Selector'

Hey all, I’m a going to college as a Computer Programmer (first year…so I’m still a ‘newbie’)

I made a ‘unicycle picker’ and put it on my club’s website

Can you please check it out, and perhaps offer advice? (on content)

I was graciously allowed to use pics from, but if you have a unicycle that isn’t listed, please send me a pic of the uni, and the combination of buttons (on my form) that would find it.
Try to estimate a canadian price, as well.



check signature for link

Your site is cool. I really like seeing people put the effort into forming unicycle clubs. It takes a huge effort and you people that do it are all to be commended. I like your progress report for each rider, too. It’s a nice feature and when you collect alot of young riders that feature will probably really be exciting for them.

The unicycle picker in MS Explorer 5.5:
The Logo was huge. I was unable to get it to tell me that I needed a Coker no matter how much I coerced it.

The unicycle picker in Netscape 4.79:
No Logo without downloading a Quicktime plugin. No selection buttons show up so no selections can be made.

The unicycle picker in Opera 6.04:
All the features are there but the picker is inoperable. It never responds to your selections.


Well, like I said, ‘I’m a newbie’ :frowning:

It’s written in VBscript (one of my few learned languges)

I only ever tested it with Internet Explorer (I thought EVERYONE used it!)

coker==advanced or expert, commute, 1.5 footers or less

Oh, thanks Harper, I appreciate that.

I guess I should have titled this ‘Beta Testing’ or something. Keep the flaws coming people!

(It still blows my mind, though, why people don’t use IE)

Good stuff…

I just hate the fact I need a unicycle thats over $500 for trials/Muni.

It looks like a really good tool though to pick out a unicycle for someone who doesnt know what they need. Maybe will be interested in purchesing your softwear. Or you know just steal it cuz that works too…


Ahhh, as VBScript only works in IE, Javascript works all over the damn place. I’ll have it in Jscript by tomorrow evening…stay tuned

some of us use linux too.
i use it partly because its free and partly because i’m a bleeding heart liberal.

galeon 1.2.5
the page is displayed correctly but it desent respond when you ask it what uni you need.
buttons cannot be unselected once clicked.

mozilla 1.0.0

same as galeon. (both browsers share the gecko html renderer)

lynx 2.8.4rel1

no pictures -obviously
check boxes displayed properly
find unicycle button not selectable

nice idea though

i might ask it again when i’ve got acces to a window$ box.

i hope i don’t need annother unicycle.

i suppose you could probably link it to one of those online currency converters to give prices in an arbitary language.

Other browsers…coming soon…I like the currency idea, thanks

I’m learning programming in school. High School that is. It’s fun and interesting. I’m not familiar with scripting in IE. But I wish you alot of luck… :smiley: Looks good so far.

>>“The unicycle picker in Opera 6.04:
>>All the features are there but the picker is inoperable. It >>never responds to your selections.”

Same with Mozilla 1.2.1


Keep in mind that Javascript is also quite different across browser versions as well, and that under some browsers, just changing browser versions changes how the javascript code works. To do a thorough job, you’ll have to do some browser detects and write it multiple times for the different possibilities. You’ll drive yourself nuts, however, trying to code it for all version of all browsers past and present, so I’d pick the most common browsers (IE, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla) under the most common operating systems (WinX etc, Linux/FreeBSD, MacOS). Another option might be to go with some kind of server-side programming language that produces output that is pretty generic. PHP is an example.

As to the application itself, it kept telling me there were no unicycles available that met my requirements. Specifically, I marked “over 180 lbs”, “Intermediate”, “Muni”, “1.5 foot drops or less” and “$1000 or more” and I was told there were no matches. However there are cycles that match that.

As a general idea, it rocks. Keep up the work.


Ah Haah!

i knew it, i knew it:D

Thanks for the computing tips

As to your dilema…there are no unicycles that best match that criteria.

If you are doing 1.5 foot or less drops, there’s no need to spend 1000+

Of course not, but YOU CAN!!

And, Animation, you just proved it works :slight_smile:

You would’ve come out with the wrong Uni for your needs :sunglasses:

Then there is no market for Harper’s custom handmade Blue Shift. Bummer. I was going to buy it from Greg. At least Greg will get to keep his unicycle.

That was close. I was down in the basement and noticed that Blue Shift was starting to fade. It must have been right when John was trying to buy it. That weasel. It was raining here most of the day so John apparently got bored and tried to do some sort of funky material transfer hocus-pocus.



I see your point, but I must still question the depth of your program. It is missing the “I want to spend at least $1000 dollars so I can replace the respect of talent with the respect of hardware” checkbox. :slight_smile:

More to the point, it might be useful if your program had a few choices for “all/any”. Then you might return several matches, which you could then arrange in a priority. You might put low cost as a higher priority, for example.

Anyway, have fun! :slight_smile:


that’s how it started out, but it got confusing real fast :thinking: