"Please allow me to introduce myself" -TRS

Hello. Just joined today - been visiting here occasionally for a several years.

I’ve spent most of my time on two wheels, but have been a casual unicycle rider since 1975, mostly semi-technical trails and XC. This spring, decided to focus more on muni riding in an effort to ride more harmoniously with my wife and to better match her MTB speed on trails. When we’re both on two wheels, I tend to get bored waiting at the tops of climbs, etc. Now, more often than not I’m the one who’s trailing and it’s her turn to wait! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your expertise. I’ve learned much here already.

Welcome to the forum

You are almost asking me to post this song.


My new anthem? :smiley:

Yes, my wife too is a big Crash Test Dummies fan. She loves that guy’s voice.

Welcome to the Forums, 40-year rider! How long have you been riding offroad? Back in the 70s/80s the equipment wasn’t well suited to trails. You could do it, but no big drops or lots of hard cranking; you would just break axles.

I wish my wife could ride trails, but she has a vision problem that makes narrow trails pretty scary for her. So we ride Road. She kills me on the downhills, but I have to wait for her at the tops of the climbs. :slight_smile:

Where in MD do you ride? I ride mostly in the Gaithersburg and Germantown areas but occasionally in the Frederick watershed.

Yes, now you have to write in that cool bass voice

My advice’s would be to get a 24 muni and don’t inflate the tire much. Soft it will roll over a lot of little stuff that could other wise trip you up.

Also take some of the advises from our best riders with 2 grains of salt. Although these are the best, well if you try to pull a Terry and jump off a shed, your mileage may vary. If you try to pull a KH, there is a 50/50 chance you will fall off a cliff or bridge, your choice.

Howdy John - Thanks.

Riding on mostly gravel or logging roads, since about 1994.

Yes, I remember those days just as you describe them. I started out on the 20" Sears model pictured below (with a 9-yo dummy, wearing plaster and vintage tube socks). The cranks (if you could call them cranks) were constantly bending. Wore it out completely after 3 years and graduated to a real uni, a 20" Schwinn Stingray, which I still have.

Maybe our wives are related. :wink: Do plan to get myself and the missis riding together on single-track by this fall. We’ll see.


I’m in southern MD. Have a place in WV with some pretty knarly terrain, most of it too “muni” for me at this point. But I’ve been riding every day this spring/summer, working on my endurance (and courage :)).

I thought the salt was for my wounds? :wink:

Definitely, my biggest challenge right now is getting used to bigger wheels/tires. Big wheel keep on turnin’…

Hey, just realized you’re in KW, FL. Tell Pete & Wayne I said hi!

Have you crossed paths yet with paxuni or JimmyTheChimp? They are both in Southern Maryland and active on this forum.

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