Please advise.

Hey there i am interested in websites where you can buy unicycles in the UK. Can you tell me of any websites excluding .
I would realy like the lightest freestyle unicycle possible so if you clould advise that would be ace.
As well which is better for freestyling 20" or 24"
Many thanx

I don’t believe there any others, any you do find will almost certainly be belling UDC stuff anyway, as they cover all the available manafacturers.

Every decent freestyler I have ever seen rides a 20". For light weight a custom Ti frame may be the way to go, carbon saddle base, Al seat post, Ti spokes, Mag rim and a tubeless worn down tyre. But why are you so worried about the weight?

The only other place I know of is Oddballs (Camden Town, London).

Edit: No freestyle unis though, so that doesn’t really help you :o

20" because… its better :slight_smile:

edit: for freestyle

I was in there a few weeks ago and I seem to recall a couple of freestyles, but they get all their stuff from UDC anyway. (They also have a branch in Brighton btw)

I bought my kh20 and nimbus performer 5ft to 7ft giraffe from:

The kh20 was £20 cheaper and the nimbus the same price but the shipping for the two items together was only less than £5.

My nimbus performer came with a faulty crank. This was replaced by firtoys with no extra cost. Once fitted i had a problem with the chains. I sent this to them and they fixed and returned them free of charge.

Highly recommended. I’m not saying don’t buy from as i have had great experiences with them also its just that firetoys was thaat bit cheaper.

Odballs which someone else mentioned also has great customer service but im not sure about their unicycle range

Note: the KH20 for sale on their site in the 2007 model. i havn’t checked the price or model resently though

Another good unicycling online shop is Flames 'N Games. The stock a large range of only the Unicycles around like Nimbus & Kris Holms.
I had a Nimbus 29" Road from these guys and recently i got a KH 20" Trial and like the first time there level of customer service and delivery times was exellent, only had to wait a day!
There prices are also good as they are the same as firetoys and Definatly recomend them!
Someone mentioned about light weight trials FNG have a good range of Trial Unicycles , my KH20" is quite light!
Hope this helps :smiley: