Playing in t'woods

Yesterday ( Easter Sunday) Paul and I decided to go and play in the woods. We
didn’t find the easter bunny but we did find some lovley twisty single track in
amoung the trees at Warren Heath / Bramshill Plantation a few miles south east
of reading. the woods are Driven through with wide hard ( or not so hard) pack
logging roads which are fairly dull for muni, but dive off into the trees on a
skinny litle track and there are some gems of single track to be found. We
twisted our way between trees, tryed to clean up-hill sections with no dabs and
sliped and slithered down steep banks with muddy Quagmires waiting at the bottom
to eat up the unwary.

Had a fab ride, good to get back out on the Munis after so much cokering, its
got me all fired up for the British Muni Weekend next month.See you there?

BMW2 May 12-14th 2000
Inside park, Dorset