Playing in one Wheel

just a short video of curious and silly things i did today haha :]
hope enjoy the newbie stuff

  • in the idle section I named the two idle styles i invented haha , the first one was the Shin Idle ( because i put my shin on the crown of the frame )
    the second i put Tire Idle , obvious , I do the idle if one foot on the tire haha :smiley:

and in the end , the seat drop stand still , maybe when I get better , i will try on a Skinny :stuck_out_tongue: for now just on the floor ,always more safe :slight_smile:

very nice! liked the stillstand at the end, were you touching the ceiling? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thaanks and no hahaha my celling is to big to I touch him , I get angry because my tripod is to small , and i want to film the seat drop , but this look like i am holding in one thing , but i wasn´t :confused: , When this boring rain gets over , I will do a good one outside my house , with a good angle to don´t have 2 interpretations haha :slight_smile:

Whenever I look at your videos I just wonder how you haven’t broken anything yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pure pro skill hahahaha , I’m kidding , i broken my door some days before ://

Really good still stand skill Erick! I need to work on that, and think having that skill could definitely will help with learning flatland tricks. :slight_smile: