Playground Session

Filmed and edited (new program) a couple days ago. I posted it on the new server at

Enjoy :wink:

ur not good, stop unicycle, everyone hate you in here! (If I would believe in religion, I would think that YOU are god)

Cool combos. Get practicing on that new software.

I’m working on it.:o:p

Nice, good stuff.

Those were some cool combos man. Keep it up!

crazy awesome.

That was just awesome! Which new edit program do you have now?

Sony Vegas Pro 9.0, I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Thanks guys:)

really nice! but what´s with the music :stuck_out_tongue:

the combos were great
did you finally get rolling wrap to 360 to rolling wrap/varial roll :stuck_out_tongue:
and the reverse side jump was so sweet roll out
next time with music :wink:

haha I can do rollingwrap-360-rollingwrap/varialroll consistently now :stuck_out_tongue:
For sure there will be music next time guys, this was just to test the new server on UTV.

woah!!! that was awesome!!! soo coool

now on vimeo :slight_smile:

Nice clips, the first one was really enjoyable, congrats;)

Loved the 180 at the end :smiley: :smiley:

Keep it up