playground schuttkar

Hey guys,

thats my new video from the first muniride of the year.

I hope you like it.



Cool video!
Do you maintain control of your speed mainly on the brake when it’s that steep?

Wow, steep and loose! Nice riding! :slight_smile:

That’s steep! :astonished:

Fantastic riding :slight_smile:

thanks, when I started riding loose surfaces like this I had a MUni with no brake. now I control the speed with my brake but the sliding of the rocks I can´t control.

that’s a pic from the line I rode. Red line I walked. Black line Downhill.

thats amazing! verry steep


Nice, thanks for sharing. Reminds me of a ride with friends that started on loose rocks (not as long or steep but still enough to be fun) like that and pretty much for each half-turn of the wheel, I was slidding as much when pausing :stuck_out_tongue: