Playground Riding

Here is my first time at the park on my new trials unicyle. Didn’t take to many pictures but here are the ones I did take.

bench gap 2.jpg


onto a bench.jpg


seat drop.jpg

onto a bench.jpg


Mercyme we should ride togather


…your greatest fan, stan.

sorry, i couldn’t help it.

i dont get it?

MERCYME How far can you gap?

The eminem song?

Rubber-coated warning

I once taco’ed a wheel at a playground. I was hopping off a few steps to the ground (about 2 feet) and the cement was covered (coated) in rubber and my tire was a little low on air, so when I landed there was a much higher surface area of the tire touching the ground and twisting. The rim was half- twisted, half-taco’ed.


Nice. There are so many great trials lines to choose from at most playgrounds.


high hop forgot about this one.

high seat out.jpg


If u speak spanish why do u look white?

What jughead ever said this? Spain (birthplace of Espanol) is in Europe and is full of whites (whatever that’s worth). Most of my family can’t speak English and I’m white. Big deal. You must be thinking that Spanish and Hispanic are the same deal–a strange thought seeming you’re from Florida where’s there are thousands of Spanish speaking whites (Cubanos).