play - street. trials. flat (in that order)

Hey guys. Here’s the latest video from me (Matt) and my brother Josh. We’ve been in the process of filming it for a couple of months now and finally got our acts together to finish it just now because we’re entering a short film competition which closes shortly. We’re both really stoked with the footage we got and how the film has turned out.

Admittedly, the choice of music mightn’t seem like a perfect match, but we had to get permission for any music we used in order to enter the competition so some friends of ours very kindly let us use one of their songs. Don’t get me wrong, I love that song, it’s just that if I could’ve chosen any music I wanted I would’ve gone with something a bit more rocky.

And I’ll make no apologies for the length (about 5mins) as the song was originally over 8mins long!

So anyway, here it is


[EDIT] This is not the final version of the film we are submitting for the competition (themed “identity and diversity”) but a simpler one… yea

Oh yea, and please feel free to comment :slight_smile:

at 4:02… that trick I like to do a lot too. It’s one of the funnest tricks to expand on. Few people do it… but you can go crazy with variations/ that specific trick if u practice it a lot.

Edit: in fact… thats actually what i’m doing in my avatar…

The filming was awesome. Good job! That was entertaining to watch.

i really like this vid,it has great editing and the music goes great with it no matter what you say lol

i love the trick one of you did at 4:00 was that a sex change? lol,i’ve never seen how those things work so i’m kinda curious

also, the uni with the red rim, is that a DX with all the paint sanded off? it looks nice.

aww that editing was sweet, nice clear shots and I liked the angles a lot, any chance of a HQ version?

Thanks for all the good feedback guys. We’re both really pleased with how it has come out and I must say I’m quite proud of the editing so I’m glad you all liked it :wink:

Pele: Funny you should say that actually. When a friend of mine introduced that trick to a bunch of us it reminded us all of your avatar and we thought that must’ve been the trick you were doing in it. It’s a wicked trick and I’m sure you could do some pretty sweet variations/combos of it.

Heelnipper: Um, the trick I did at about 4:11 was a body varial, which would have been a sexchange if I could crankflip :roll_eyes: is that the one you meant?

And Josh’s uni is basically a DX but with a Nimbus frame and gel saddle. The colour combination is awesome.

Dustin: The full quality version of this is about 250MB and I hope to upload it sometime. What is the best site/method to do this?