play in KH hub/cranks?

Hey, a rider in our club just got KH hub/cranks on his MUni.

The 2 6mm bolts are tight. the 2 8mm bolts are tight.

the 4 10mm bolts are holding the wheel in tight.

with the uni on the floor in front of you, (like in a pickup mount position) when cranks are parellel to the floor, with one crank in each hand, there is noticable play when wiggled.

Similar to the play that is in a loose pedal if you shake the pedal for/aft while on the crank.

Do you know what needs to be done to remedy this?

Duct Tape?

Are all the spacers on properly?? Make sure the crank is pushed right against them before tightening. I tighten the pinch bolts before the end bolts. If it still wobbles, I’d send em back.

its better to tighten the pinchys last.

I have the same play in my KH 20. I beat the thing up a lot so im happy nothing worse has happened. I’ve toyed around with a lot of different tightenings of various bolts but nothing seems to work. As long as nothing gets worse (which it hasnt in over a year) I dont really mind the play. In fact, i dont even notice it anymore. Im so happy not to have any suzue crap anymore!!! :slight_smile:


This one couldn’t have seen more than 15 rides yet

o o o, thats a different story.

If you don’t figure out the problem, VERY SOON, I’d send it back for an exchange.

BTW, my first unicycyle (32 years ago) developed a horrible skip in the pedals. With each revolution, the pedals would free-fall forward about 1 1/2 inches as they went over the top. Made for some very interesting riding. When I got my cottered Schwinn in 1976, as a replacement for that old Sears and Roebuck trainer, I was in HEAVEN! --chirokid–

Get happy with the anti-seize on the splines and on the threads of the bolts. Then tighten the bolts as tight as you can (without stripping the threads of course).

That should hopefully solve the problem. It’s amazing how much tighter you can get the bolts once the splines and threads have been anti-seized.

If that doesn’t solve the problem then I would suspect the keyway. Play in the keyway would be bad.

Thank you john! Seize that splined hub! :wink: