Platforms to go with my stairs

There’s a five set at my school with something like 20" runs and 4" rises. There’s no way to clear it because the bottom step has about a 25" run. Your stair set looks good, though. If I made some I would want to make the stairs wide and low enough because there are some stairs I’ve tried to hop up that are too steep and my pedal always hits the next step up while I’m on a stair. It gets really annoying.

Irrelevant. Terry only dates young women without kids. Don’t need little squallers disrupting his tom-cattin’ lifestyle.

Haha kids are cool though. I dated a divorced gal about 10 years ago who had a son (I think he was maybe 10 or 11) and he was great and really well behaved. Too bad I wasn’t uni-ing back then or I could have taught him-and her-how to ride! :smiley:

Slick and professional looking Terry!
They are your stairs … build how you want 'em. YEAH!
Look forward to a vid of you hopping and dropping on/off of them. Soon???

Today! But it will have a “twist” that you might find fun as well! :smiley:

Actually, I posted a short vid entitled: 9 stair clip, a couple weeks ago hopping up and jumping off the pallets the stairs were attached to at the time. Because of the previous positioning of the set, i could not hop off them without hitting the side of my house!

Come on Terry, don’t we all know by now that any vid you put out will have a “twist”?


Haha you got me there! Here’s the whole setup…so far. It’s about all that will fit in my backyard.

Well, I guess you’ll have to move…

Sure. I’ll start packing later today…as soon as I purchase my new Villa in Tuscany! :stuck_out_tongue:

Villa in Tuscany sounds good, get one with space for visitors! :smiley:

Cool tools almost make work fun

The powered miter box is a must. A tool that seems hard to justify (200 $ +) is a cordless impact screw driver. I broke down and bought one half way through building a huge deck project. It is a huge time saver.

It changes bits with a slide coller. It’s rapid impact action powers, or removes stuck screws without stripping the heads. Using this tool, I still have to drill first to prevent splitting of small pieces. However, it is powerful enough to install a 3 " screw in pine without drilling, in only a few seconds. More importantly, it can remove screws without the dreaded head strip, that is then very time consuming. It is a magical device that will remove any screw that can be removed, effortlessly, with an out stretched arm. I do all my construction with quality deck screws and with this tool, it is super easy to take anything apart later. I haven’t bought a nail in several years.:slight_smile:

Anyway, when I looked at your project the first thing I thought was how I could clamp that wood together and zip it tight with 3 " deck screws without even drilling holes first. I guess I am slightly off subject, but this is an expensive tool, not an impulse buy. I wanted to share with you the knowledge of this tool, that is stunningly better then any other way of making Terry’s type of project. The screws go in and out in seconds, and make everything easy to reuse or reshape later, as well as halving initial assembly time.


Trials course taking shape.

I’ve been trying to piece together my individual trials obstacles, so I can attempt to rode the whole thing and make a line out of it. Initially, I had planned to just ride each one individually, but then I realized that “proper” trials should be a course of some length and have a variety of different obstacles to challenge the rider.

So, this is what I have so far. I would start by hopping the round discs, then the three sandwich boards, then dropping to the staging platform to ride the 2" wide 10 foot long skinny, then hopping off the end to the first step of the nine stair. Hopping to the top, then a hop twist 180 to my drop direction, and finally static side to front drop down all nine stairs, land it and ride away! :slight_smile:

It may look easy to you younger, more advanced riders, but this is more than a challenge for me to get through in one go, with no dismounts or mistakes. I’ll give it a try in the next couple days. If anyone has any ideas for a different way to set it up, I’d love to hear it! :smiley: (I wanted to incorporate those other platforms you see in the bottom pic, off to the upper right, but I couldn’t find a good place in the line for them.)

Nice setup, Terry. You might want to take it easy for the first couple tries. Maybe the first time you would just ride down the sidewalk and jump over the skinny. Then the next time you try something harder.


Haha, that’s actually a cool idea to help me with high jumps! And I decided to use those three two other platforms to raise the disc hop thing off the ground, so now I have a platform at each end of it. :smiley: But I’ll probably just go for the whole enchilada tomorrow and see what happens…or doesn’t happen! I do have a few little “twists” in mind, so if I can pull it off, it should be a pretty fun little viddy!

I would add 2x4’s to the underside of the plywood on 16" centers. The plywood could get bouncy and eventually fail with no support anywhere but the edges. Also it will be more solidly attached and there will be less chance of fastener failure. If you want to secure the legs, attach a 1x4 from low on the leg up to the 2x10 lintel at a 45 degree angle. Just be sure the legs are square when doing this.

Edit: In no way meant as criticism.

Thanks for your input, but which obstacle are you referring to? You mentioned “2x10” so was it the skinny?

you should throw together a trial/muni/coker weekend.

Sounds like a plan! :smiley:

Wanna bet?

edit: i prefer stairs wider so that the pedal doesn’t hit on the way down.

Hmm, you (People in general) shouldn’t ever hit any stair step with your pedal(s) one on the way down, unless you are side hopping all the way without transitioning to forward position, which is bad form. If I hop down static, I start from the side but almost as soon as I launch I pivot to forward. If I ever “clip” the edge of the bottom stair, if I don’t clear them all, it’s only with my tire, never my pedals. And even a trials uni’s pedals are well above the [average] step when the cranks are horizontal, as most have rises around 6-8".