Platform pedals

I’m now looking to pick up some new platforms for trials and off road stuff, I have leg armor on the way so the more vicious they look that better. I’m looking for something that will last a while, and that wont break.

I was concidering the DK iron crosses, with sealed bearings for 50 at dans comp, but I havent heard of anyone else riding on these things

Also in concideration are the Snafu’s

I’m trying to keep the price arround $50

So what kind of platforms do you guys ride on?


I am fully aware of shinburgers everyone… I would get them but I dont have that kind of scratch. $100-$160 for pedals is alot out of my price range. So lets keep them on the back burner this time. Please?



I am pondering the same question myself. After some persuasion by a certain person I have decided that they MUST be sealed bearings. My oddyssey twisted plastic ones are wearing fast, I need help on which to choose, and the Iron Crosses look sweet!

I’ve always loved the look of the Iron Cross pedals. I use the $15 Welgos from I’ve used them on my muni for about a year, and on the Coker since June. The ones on the muni have survived lots of abuse and still spin smoothly. I’m really impressed with them.
I’ve used Odyssy Tripple-Trap non-sealed pedals on my mountain bikes, and they have not held up very well.


Without question the DMR V12s are the way to go.

These are the pedals wellgo cloned but they have a MUCH better bearing arrangement. (more ball bearings=more contact points=better load distribution=STRONG)

Also they look like they’re a better quality material (or they were last time I bought some).

I have some of these that are about 4 years old - they’re still sweet as a nut.

Where can i find these? How much (US) $$$$$$$ do they cost?

The big problem with Iron Crosses is they are huge, heavy tanks. I though Primo’s were tanks, and these things have a quarter pound on the primos.


The replacable pins on the V12’s are allen key style, I’m a bit worried about sheering them off doing a ton of pedal grabs on concrete. Is this as big of a pain in the ass as I think it might be? Or are the screw in style much better for this problem.


Thw iron crosses are heavy, and you could get them in magnesium for half the weight, the only problem is, as somebody thanfully brought to my attention, they are brittle and weak.
Where can i find the V12?

The other problem with Mg pedals is the pins get ripped out if you pedal grabbing.

I have not seen the DMR V12s for sale in the USA. I think they may be distributed only in the UK. I did a quick Google search on DMR-V12 and didn’t find any US web sites selling the pedal.

But here is something for Jagur. Optional titanium axles.

I have no idea how titanium axles would hold up to drops and other trials abuse. Titanium axles would not be as strong as chromoly axles.

Re: Platform pedals

Two reasonably priced sealed bearing platform pedals are the Sun Ringle Octane and the Wellgo B-37.

The Sun Ringle Octane is $34.98 (US) at

The Wellgo B-37 is $36 (CAN) at

The Octane and B-37 aren’t the best pedals in the world, but they’re pretty good especially considering the prices at pricepoint and MEC.