Plateau Unicycle Club

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to alert everybody in Mid-South, US that there is a new unicycle club that has formed. The Plateau Unicycle Club is located in Crossville, Tennessee (about half-way between Nashville and Knoxville). I got word of this club and want to share it with anybody that might be interested - especially in the extended area (KY. AL. GA. and throughout Tennessee).

Their new web site URL is:

Visit their web site and send them a welcoming e-mail.


Hey, you’re just up the street!! You should come play

Upcoming Campout. May 21,22,23 (or any portion therein)

You’re close enough for a day trip if you can’t camp.

-Tom. (not Tommy, its confusing. There are more Toms unicycling than any other endeavor in which I’ve been associated)(Its a puzzlement).

dudde i’m in this club i was just riding with em’ today!!!