Plastic wheeled unicycles

I have a couple of plastic wheeled unicycles. I think I paid about a pound each for them second hand, so I have no idea of their origins. The wheel mouldings are different to each other.

One has a label on the frame which says OGK It is at the back of a load of junk in the attic, so I cannot easily measure wheel size.

The other is a real oddball. The frame is a DM ringmaster, and it has one of those DM T-bar seats on it. Wheel has diameter of 18" . God knows who conjured that one up. Surely it cannot have been a genuine DM product?

I have ridden both of them once or twice… they were probably worth the price I paid.


Interesting that you should mention that. My friend has an 18" plastic wheeled uni that has “OGK” on the rim. I’m not sure if that is the brand or not.

I’ve thought of getting a unicycle with a mag wheel for ages, but I can’t find any I like.

I bought a pair of Skyways from eBay a while back, and have now got an old unicycle hub to try to transplant into them. If all goes well, I’ll be able to build up a retro 80’s BMX style uni.