Plastic pedals.

Im doing crankflips and riding plastic pedals make it easier to flip it. I have broke a pair of pedals in like 3 days and i think i cracked other one. Does anyone know of good plastic pedals that aren’t TOO expensive.


P.S. I landed a crankflip down a 2 set.

SICK MAN! Congrats. Any plastic pedals, actually. If you are breaking them that’s just bad luck. I have no idea. I use to break them a lot, but kinda cut down, not sure. I love the really simple plastic pedals that come on normal torker cxs, that you can find on UDC. They seem to last the longest. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

What bout the Odyssey plastics?

Then need too be light too.

if ur gonna buy plastic pedals just get cheap ones men theyll all break

Those are awesome. I have it on my right side right now (normal side) they slide slide slide, and take forever to rup away. i’m investing in those when i can, laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

I wonder if aluminum pedals would be very strong…they’d be light anyway, and at least stronger than plastic I would imagine.

would probly bend too soft

ok oi have a quistion also im kinda just getting into urban trils bc i live next to ou campus i was woundering is the aluminum pedals would be good for like 3 - 4 foot drops?


Onetrack…are you saying that to me?

no. maxisbackintown, James_Potter, and butternuts.

O okay…so Ill ask again…Anyone know anything bout the Odyssey plastics?

No idea about the Odessey plastics but I’ve been using a pair of KHE Stimulators for the last 6+ months and they’ve been excellent - seem very durable, very grippy and don’t destroy your shins when things go pear shaped. Its just a matter of deciding on the sealed bearings or standard bearings - I’ve got the sealed ones but thats only because they we’re what I could get at the time, have just bought a second pair of the standard bearings for my gf and they seem to be just as solid but obviously a bit of time will how durable they but they’re looking promising at the moment