plastic pedals!

Four months of learning to ride and I’ve finally worn out the bearings on the stock pedals that came with my Torker LX 24, so I need to buy some new pedals. I like the plastic pedals because I don’t worry about shredding my legs on them. Does anyone have any suggestions for quality plastic pedals, or is that an oxymoron?

Somewhat related, I eventually intend to take my uni offroad, hopefully sooner than later, but my gear isn’t up to snuff yet. As I wear out parts on my Torker - my tire is getting pretty smooth too - should I replace them with more offroad friendly parts, or am setting myself up to completely trash the Torker?

Please keep in mind that I don’t do any big drops (nothing more than down a curb or out the air as high as I can jump on level ground), and I don’t have much desire to do so. Freestyle and XC offroad are the main styles I’m pursuing, and I only weigh 140 lbs. So I don’t need the most bombproof, exxxxxtreme parts available. :smiley:

Hey. A while back, Darren Bedford recommended the Wellgo Resin plastic platform pedals for me. I love them. They definitely dont shread your legs, and they are awesome for grinding. I’m pretty sure Darren can get them for you, just go to his website and email him.

Kevin McMullin

You will probably soon find you want to do more and more extreme stuff.:smiley: Anyway, I wouldn’t worry too much about getting a new uni right now, but i would start saving up for a 29er.

So you think the Torker will hold up if I take it offroad while I save up for a 29er? I’ve had my eye on a KH 29 but I’m still waiting on the funds.

Are these the Wellgo pedals? Sorry Mr. Bedford, I don’t live in Canada. :wink:

The Torker LX is a reasonable uni; it will probably not disintegrate on you, although it is limited by things like the fork width. You can get a 2.3" tire in there, or some 2.5" tires, and that’s enough to get into MUni.

The Odyssey pedals sold by are reasonable plastic pedals. If you use them along with sticky shoes (maybe hiking boots) they’d be OK for MUni.

In the long run, if you want to do freestyle as well as MUni, you’ll probably be better off gearing the Torker to freestyle, and buying a real MUni. But you can start with just a new tire and pedals.

I would 100% go with the welgo plastic platforms. Ive used them for over 2 years now, they don’t wear down as fast as others, give great grip for plastics, awsome for ginding, and do great on drops.

Is there a particular model of 2.3" tire that you’ve seen mounted on an LX? My concern is that there doesn’t seem to be enough clearance between the rim and the crown to fit that much tire. There’s only 2.0" between the top of the rim and the bottom of the crown on my uni. Doesn’t a 2.3" tire need more clearance on top than a 2.1" tire, or is a 2.3" just wider and not taller?

I was with someone who mounted a Specialized 2.5" tire (don’t remember the brand) on his Torker at Moab last year; he had to shave off a little of the knobs but it basically worked. I don’t think a 2.3" would be a problem.