plastic pedals good for learning C. Flips?

Are they better for learning than metal/alloy pedals? I wear 661 knee/shin but the calf area isn’t protected against pedal bites!

Yeah they are beter, but you damage plastic pedals easier.
I’m learning crankflip now, and I use plastic pedals.
I can do zeroplant and unispins and stuff and plastic pedals are fine for tricks.


it depends how much u like getting bashed… alot of people doing alot of street only use plastic pedals, i know mike uses those £2.50 off UDC uk…

basically since all ur gonna do at the start is gonna be bashing ur shins, its better to put plastics. plus if u wreck them, tis cheaper.

Shin pads?

Correction, Mike DID use those £2.50 pedlas.
I now use those by the way.
Mike uses some off those metal “beartrap” pedals now.
He sais those are good for flips, not to grippy and stronger than those plastic pedals.
I got a pair off those metal pedals to, but I’m going to learn a crankflips first and then use them.


oh yeah actually thats true, he uses those now doesnt he… sorry he did mention it, i just forgot. I just loved the way he seemed to love those pedals :smiley:

No problem, I only wanted to tell the trued so :stuck_out_tongue:


I found these all resin (platic) bodied pedasl: (The odysseys are a bit cheaper below than UDC)

or these for only $5:

And a couple more…

the oddysseys. No honestly its hard to say, but i dont liek the rubber stuff on pedals, it goes away so quickly… but i mean tis ahrd to say

your chocie really

Get the odyssey twisteds, but not the ones you linked to! those are 1/2" threads and won’t fit your cranks. Get the 9/16 version.

You can learn flips fine with metal pedals. The only thing to worry about is hitting yourself but with 661s you will be fine. For more complicated flip tricks plastics are nice.

i use the £2.50 ones of UDC there good and wont break easily

i love plastics for street

Hah! Just to continue to fool all of you I know have gone back to my blue £2.50 pedals :stuck_out_tongue:

I broke the betals, but they did belong to an old trials biker before me. They were probably already cracked. Although the sides did tend to dent inwards, it wasn’t a big deal.


ahaha unlucky probailer ! LOL i’m sorry that was uncalled for.

Yeha i thought i saw u in that triple backflip video with them… then again
i wasnt really watchign what pedals u had…

but anyways the blue pedals arent at £2.50 they are £1 more or sommit :stuck_out_tongue: cuas ei just got red ones for when i eventually find some spare times to lern how to crankflip.

originally posted by Brendan

Triple Backflip!? Did MIke Get one?

yeah here

and actually hes using the rat trap pedals in that vid… my bad

Did you land that tripleback Mike?
I know you were trying, and I saw your “bail” video, but you didn’t tell me you landed it.
Told you so that you can make it. :sunglasses:
But did you land it with the plastic ones?


I will be going out very soon to practice them. I am very close, and I will land them hopefully today, fingers crossed. I will be using plastics for it, as my metals are broken.