Plastic pedals for street/trial

What are the best pedals for street/trial?
And why?
Shaun please answer here :wink:


Answer will vary a lot on this question, cause its mainly prefrence.

For trials, you want a grippy pedal so your feet dont slip off when jumping around. For street, you want one with good grip, but not enough so you can easily move your feet off the pedals to do flips and spins.

I have some wellgo pedals, the one that came stock on my DX and they are great for both, they are grippy enough for trials, but let me easily remove them when I do some street moves.

There are also some plastic pedals with pins that would probably be good. I havent used those yet, but they look good and seem to made to be grippy, but not too grippy.

Do most people used pinned pedals for street?

Everyone I know do.

I do too, or else I would slip off a lot. Im lucky my pins arent too long though, or else doing flips would be tough.

I know Mike Swarbrick and Lucas Wintercrane both use the crappiest £2.99 plastic pedals and love them. Mike managed to snap a set of KH cranks without damaging his plastic pedals, they’re surprisingly tough.

I know I have already talked to Probailer2 but here is my 2 pence.

These (blue :p) pedals are very nice for street. I have used them for a long time and they are super good for flips. They are also very good for big street, they survived an 8 set and (like Dave said) the KH/Onza crank broke before the pedals.

Alot of the pedals you should buy depends on your style.

  • Big Street - (Kevin McMullin style) I feel having your front footed pedal plastic and your backfoot metal is very good for this style. Or of course both metal.
  • Flatland/Freestyle - Plastics, any will probably do. (Ask someone who knows more!)
  • Street - I still feel that the plastics pictured are the best, super strong, light, brilliant grip (for street).
  • Trials - Metals are the best for this. Nice big platform metals, although I have hopped 80cm with the blue plastics.
  • Trials/Street - I am torn between two options. One, Onza caged pedals*, these are strong, light (for street) even just for street are still very nice. Two, Blue plastic for reasons already listed.

I am using these at the minute and so far for big street and trials this looks great, they are light and are very nice for street (still not quite as good as the plastics shown), but I got given them for free so…)

Hope this helps!


[EDIT] I just realised you said for just street/trials… I wrote a lot of useless information there then, sorry :roll_eyes:

sorry for mispelling your name so bad Mike

Where did you mispell my name? I don’t think you did :roll_eyes:


I would suggest if you want to do a combination of the two then a good set of pedals with flat (good for grinding), large (great for big street as I find smaller pedals hurt my feet), magnesium (light and slides really nicely), and removable pins (again for grinding), will do you really well. Even some CNC aluminum pedals will be pretty awesome.

The reasons I stay away from plastics are because I find my feet slip off of them alot when doing trials, or when riding in the rain. I have had some really nasty falls due to pedal slippage that would have never happened on some nice metal pedals.

But I do agree with mike that if its a nice dry day and you are doing some pure street then plastics are really nice and comfy.

One thing to avoid is sealed bearing pedals as they aren’t made to take pedal grabs and grinds.

Yeah, you’re an expert on that.

I don’t have them, but I’ve used Jim C’s and they are quite nice. Grippy, but not too grippy. Removable pins as well for grinding. They aren’t that big though. But you should see Nathan (ntappin)'s pedals. They are HUGE!

Yeah we did, and I did told you that I’m trying your plastic pedals now.
So far good for street: easy for adjusting your foot on landings and set for spins.
Trial I got didn’t got to test them.
But so far I like them.


Sorry everyone, I told you a lie. The metal pedals pictured above are not the metals I am using. They look similar though.

Here is a picture of my actual pedals. And I have just realised they are the best!!! I can still doubleflip both ways and I just landed my first doublebackflip up a curb! Here it is. (This isn’t working at the moment, it says it is processing :()


Its more a 1.5 backflip up a curb;)

Great job though, much better than me.

I know your kidding but If you look, if it was a 1.5 flip I would have landed with my right foot forward. You can see I land with my right foot behind the frame. It’s at least a 1.8563 flip!


I use these for street and love them. Its just personal preference though.


I knew you and Shaun use those in his “time to get Ill” vid
I want to try them but or doesn’t have those so bummer :frowning:
But I’m going to try some snafu’s without the pins on either side.
Maybe that will work great, maybe not :slight_smile:
We’ll see


I use KHE Stimulatorz pedals for almost all my unicycles now… although I have modified them slightly. :slight_smile: Because they are fibre reinforced plastic you can tap them, so I have done this and put steel pins in them. This gives loads of grip on what is a good solid plastic platform.

I have only succeeded in damaging one pair and that was in a mad high speed clash with Joe Baxter while playing hockey. We succeeded in taking a chip out of one edge of them, they are still totally usable.

I would also recommend the normal style over the sealed bearing type.


Just to keep messing you guy’s arounf, they are the pedals I originally posted. Only difference is that they have the inside cage taken out.