plastic or metal bottle cages

ok so for a while now ive had metal cages on my uni but teh damm things allways bend and drop my bottle, its no problem you can just bend them back but it is anoying. so today on my ride from college i stoped off at my LBS and picked up some plastic ones ( and some bottles and some tube protectors :smiley: )and ive got them bolteed on now so lets see how they fair, my only concern is them braeing whin ( if ) a fall off
anyone have any particular prefrence ?

I had the same problem, so bought a Salsa cage, it’s a full wrap with steel vs aluminum construction, works great.

I tie the two sides together with a bit of bungee for extra security. For me the bottle serves as a back up/refill for my waist mounted water bag.

this was what i went for

Camelbak is my preference.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in the middle of choosing between Camelbak (elegant solution) and water bottles . . My main reservation regarding the ‘Camel’ is the added weight that ends up on my seat, for long distance any added weight on my sit bones is something that I would like to avoid;).

i also at the same time got 2 camelback bottles there really smart and flexy loving them i got a large and a small :slight_smile:

Ben, I use those cages on my road bike. Couldn’t recommend a better product unless you go carbon. Just be careful how much pressure you apply when putting the bottle in, as I snapped one of mine.

i would go carbon also

I use a Camelbak most of the time, but for really long rides it’s nice to have some electrolyte drink on a bottle cage. The problem with most cages in my experience is that they’re too horizontal. Then when the uni drops, the bottle becomes a mini-torpedo (doesn’t stay in the cage). If you can get your bottle more vertical it should help. If not, try to orient it with the bottom toward the front; at least it might stay on when you crash. :slight_smile:

I can’t stand having a pack on my back when I ride, so I use a Camelbak waist pack, problem is the capacity is just under a liter which is not enough for a long ride. So I use the cage mounted water bottle to extend my range.

The Salsa cage is bomber, doesn’t bend open,and has yet release the bottle. I hardly notice having a full water bottle on my uni (20oz), whereas I can always tell when my waist pack is full (30oz).