Plastic handles

Is there a place where i can get plastic handles in bulk? Ive broken two now and the last one only lasted for 5 sessions (thats a week for me) … so 10 bucks a handle is gonna get pricey.

Thanks, Jacob

. . . how do you break handles that fast? . . . catch the uni, or be easier on it at least, if nothing else, let your body absorb more. There’s no reason you should be breaking handles that fast.

sometimes i break A LOT of handles when i’m learning new tricks too…

I think it’s a bit stupid that my seat base is carbon fibre,a nd my handle is plastic… we need some type of stronger handle.

I know there were carbon ones, but they were only available in the US and AFAIK they’re not made anymore.

My friend has snapped two of the carbon handles already so they arent so good sadly. Only handle that he has had thats worked are the metals ones that you see in Defect. I really dislike that handle because your hand position is completely different and you get a lot more pressure on your wrist with that handle to.

I agree with you 100% about having a carbon fiber seat base and a plastic handle… like they dont work at all. I would like to see a carbon handle like the plastic ones they have.

@ Juggleaddict

i try to be gentle with the uni, i broke this handle while trying a flip over a long 3 set. Haha had a nice fall with it
last handle i broke while doing a long crankflip to

where is the handle breaking? if it’s breaking at the connection, perhaps you could use a thick piece of sheet metal to reinforce it with (under and over the handle) or use a larger washer. . . or you could go way overkill and get a shop to make you an aluminum handle O:-) probably more cost effective to keep buying the plastic ones though

pics of uni-carnage are needed :slight_smile:

ill get pics up tomorrow, lighting is to bad at night

but my last handle completely ripped off at where the bolts are and then this one just ripped halfway off. Its a common thing to happen when you have a carbon fiber base and you do tricks.

Ive thought about the aluminum handle but i would have to draw the handle up in cadd so the CNC machine could mill me one out and that would be a very tough drawing to do. So unless i could get the cadd files from the manufacture then im pretty much out of luck.

Im gonna put something like washers at the the bottom of the nuts kinda like what you are talking about with the reinforcement with sheet metal. I wouldnt want a handle thats completely indestructible though because i would rather have a handle break than my wrist. But if i can get 2 or 3 weeks out of a handle ill be happy haha

O:-) pretty easy CAD actually, I could probably pull it off in a few hours. I’ve had some experience with it though. . . . you’re right, however, it’d break your hand before it broke, may want to stay away from it

Washers. You def need washers, that will solve your problem completely.

As for back bumpers…

Also, if your handle is too strong, you may well start breaking CF seat bases.

I think that Schrodinger (as he strokes his cat) would argue with you that there is nothing wrong with your seat because you haven’t provided pictures.

well boys there yeah go

I put some washers on and i could tell the difference right away, the nuts didnt cut into my seat and i think thats gonna make a big difference

my advice would be tosend that clip to, youv’e been framed, or a similar show that pays money for comical clips, then use the money to buy more handles.