Plastic Deathgrip Handles?

We all know the Deathgrip handles from Scott are amazing. They fit your hand perfectly, they are sturdy, and probably the most comfy of handles to hold onto for anything.

Only problem for most of us, is that its made with carbon fiber, and pouts the cost up to $65 just for that handle.

My question is, why dont we have this handle available in plastic?

I thinking it would be rather nice to have plastic death grip handles that we could use.

good question… maybe KH should license it off scott…

Im gonna e-mail Scott about it, maybe make some connection with him and Kris, or Him and UDC.

i dont think scott could do it himself, plastic is hard to do as one off especially at cheap prices.

problem is that KH never made custom handles and has always kept the std velo one… leading me to think that it might be hard to get short runs on plastic molding for good prices.

I suppose KH could add a plastic Deathgrip style handle. Plastic molds are expensive so it wouldn’t work unless a suitable number can be made and sold. There is also the issue that the Deathgrip style handle is not ambidextrous so it is necessary to make a RH and LH version. The standard KH Fusion handle is comfortable and functional enough for most people and is ambidextrous.

KH or Velo are the only people with the resources to make a plastic Deathgrip style handle. No one else would be able to recover the mold and manufacture and distribution costs while still keeping the price reasonable.

I agree that the KH handles are rather comfy. Thats what I have been using for a while now.

But the Plastic Deathgrips I thought would be interesting, so I posted about it.

With the shape of the deathgrip, I don’t think a plastic one would be nearly as strong as the normal KH handle, it would snap right off the base.

That would be pretty cool. I have a death grip and its my favorite handle I have ever used. $65 is a lot for a handle but I think its worth it.

Only if you have an even more expensive CF base :roll_eyes:

Yeah thats true. I already had mine…
If you are breaking seats and parts then it is still worth it.
Getting one strong but expensive seat is better than getting multiple plastic ones. When I had a plastic seat I was able to pull on the handle and fold it in half.

MY base is starting to flex a lot, maybe I should get a CF base once it breaks. =p

But the only base I want would be the Scott Wallis base, so then id need a Primo or Thompson post. lol

I used to break [COLOR=“darkorange”]seatposts and seat bases like they were going out of fashion.
I HIGHLY [COLOR=“darkorange”]reccommend getting a [COLOR=“darkorange”]similar set up to mine, it is strong and quite cheap.

I have a UDC (Roger[/COLOR]) CF base, KH handle [/COLOR]and a CrMo seatpost. This is a strong set up and I haven’t broken the base, only snapped a few posts and I think one handle. Definatly worth it. [/COLOR]

Yeah, mine folds about half of that, but pretty much all the power is taken out of hops. I just do SIF for almost all of my riding, exept when I’m doing skinnies. I think most of the reason it’s so weak now is that it fell about 5 feet and landed on the saddle. A miracle nothing broke,but thats another story…

i’ve been working on a plastic reeder-esque handle, and i’m sure a deathgrip could come too…

(it’s all still in the works, though.)

I’m happy with my KH handle, wouldn’t exchange it.

you only find CF bases expensive until the very first time you use them

I imagine the same is true with the deathgrip handle

I think a plastic deathgrip would flex too much way before it broke off


Even though you used gay orange text you’re still right my boy, proud of ya.

I have the same set up and it rocks hardcore. Except I have a custom seat cover that I made cause I’m so cool I can sew.[/COLOR]

Strength is not the only benefit of CF, it is very stiff making hopping easier.
This is my setup with custom additude cover by me: