Planted Ankle on UPD

I was riding to school fairly fast, around 15mph, when a big gust of wind hit my back. My backpack made it hard to properly adjust, and I UPDed. Before falling into a roll, my foot struck the ground with a lot of force, hurting my ankle and making it nearly impossible to ride (I couldn’t feel my foot, and the ankle up to the knee was in quite a bit of pain, being most severe at the ankle. After getting hit by the car last week I’m coping with a pulled muscle and some bad bruising in my left leg, and now the ankle on the right.
Anyway, stopping that rant, I was curious to see if anyone can tell me what’s up with my ankle.

I’ve also decided to quit riding for a bit to heal. I realize that riding with a pulled muscle wasn’t necessarily the greatest idea…:o
I also apologize for any errors in this thread. I’m posting from my phone.

Dude, you need to get that checked out by a Dr. Not being able to feel your foot could be nerve damage but find out, don’t guess. See a Dr.

Yes. Preferrably someone who actually examines it up close, and is also a doctor.

I did a upd on a slippery surface that resulted in me going over on my left ankle - I heard it crack and thought it was broken. When I managed to stand up I realised it couldn’t have been broken, but it became swollen from the knee down to my foot and a few days later you could see bruising all the way from my ankle up my shin to the knee.

This was three months ago and my ankle still isn’t quite right, I take anti inflamatories (neurofen) and wear an elasticated bandage to keep swelling down (things don’t heal if you have swelling) and I spend a lot of time stretching and trying to get full movement back. My, un qualified, self diagnosis was that I had torn the tendons around my ankle and the muscles up the outside of my lower leg.

I suspect you have got pretty much the same injury and it will take at least six weeks to repair torn muscle/tendons. When it does get better make sure you get full movement back by stretching it otherwise you will have a weakness there ready for re-injury.

I bought a coolboard to help strengthen and exercise it -

Hope this helps.

Definately see a qualified doctor, legs/ankles are important!

I crashed on a Coker last year which resulted in a sore ankle. At first I didn’t think much about it, that kind of thing happens sometimes when you UPD. But after a month it wasn’t any better, so went to an ankle specialist. He said I had a “high ankle sprain” similar to what a lot of college and pro athletes get (not that I qualify as either). It takes several months for these to heal, which mine finally did.

Again, please get it checked out. You’ll be wanting to use that leg sometime in the future.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: I feel like such a noob… What does UPD mean? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Unplanned dismount. Something we are all good at.

Thank you!!! i learnt to UPD the first 15 seconds of riding :wink:

I’m getting it checked out at my next doctor appt, in about 2 weeks. It’s pretty sore right now, but improving. If it isn’t healed I’ll be sure to get someone to look at it.

Does your ankle look anything like this? You can’t see the outside ankle bone due to the swelling.


2 weeks, if it is swollen and hurting in 2 weeks you could do it a world of hurt.

See a doctor! There is a multitude of things that you could have done.

Like others here, I went down on my ankle and heard a crack and it became swollen immediately similar to above. I thought for sure it was broken because of the sound, but it was a tendon that tore, no broken bone. Anyway, I had a second degree sprain.

Jeez, you weren’t in the Forbidden Zone, were you? Watch out, there are Demons there. I speak from experience.

General rule: Prolonged pain, swelling and bruising = Seek a Doctor!

I had a small spill down 3 steps when carrying a heavy box and rolled my ankle pretty bad. I could walk on it fine and actually walked on it for 4 days. The pain and minor swelling remained and it bugged me enough to see a doctor.

A few x-rays later, I found out I fractured my talus (a small bone in the ankle). It happened a year ago and I still feel some minor pain from time to time.

If you have an inkling that you broke something, get it checked out by a professional. Feet and hands are very intricate and delicate and if problems are left unchecked, they can get much worse as time goes on.