plans for my homemade trials course.

ok well early last year a tornado willingly pulled a tree down onto our back porch.soooo recently i decided to make a trials course out of the remaining pieces of wood!

after a couple of hours of hard work saturday i managed to take the rusty nails out of these planks.( sorry for the poor quality i was using my cell phone camera)

the things you might not see is 5 2X2 boards at the bottom right i’ll use those along with a 2X4 to make one of those ladder type things that i’ve seen on some of you’r home made trials course videos.

also the boards second to the left are 4X4 boards which i will use as either legs for an obstical or i stick them facing up in the ground… not shure if you can imagine what i’m talking about though.

umm other than that i’m clueless… which is were you come in! i need help thinking up some obsticals! the tyre will probably be useless but i though i’d bring it up for something.

you don’t have much to work with… if you can get ahold of about 20 pallets youwould have one sick course, but this is a very conservative amount of wood to create a trials course out of. what is your skill level?? (sidehop distance/height)

Track down some photos of NAUCC and other conventions. I am sure you can find photos of the trials courses. Or, use your imagination and see what kind of challenges you can create.

You can get free pallates at a lot of places, and free scrap wood at any lumber store and at construction sites (more in summer).

I have a lot of pictures of things I built for Cal Muni-weekend:

Some include rough sketchup plans:


heyheyhey! i never said there wasen’t anymore wood! thats just all i got that day! lol yea u do needsome palets…

take the tyre get tube for it and the mount some plywood to it and you have like a spring board here a cross section
sorry about the bird i got carried away

uni thing.bmp (576 KB)

sweet! not shure if i can find a tube though…

also there were two 1X16 boards so i nailed em together to make a 2X16 board which i will probably lay across a gap or something so i can practice my crank to rubber.

uummmm if you notice my driveway is made of gravel so i got some more of those huge 2X8’s and nail em together i have about… maybe five… there in my churches gym drying out couse it will be raining for the next week in my town, so i’ll nail those together using the 2X2 boards underneath them.

i found the porch to my old club house out in the woods it’s 4 inches high and maybe 2 feet across… and about 3 feet long… i think,it’s also drying out.

i still need to get some palets though becouse the ones that were in the gym are rotted out now. i have 24 2X2 boards now and probably about 12 more out in the wood stack but i’ll get those later.

EDIT: the reason i’m nailing the 2X8’s together is to make sort of a large flat plank thing becouse i’m starting to get into street riding and the gravel is thowing off my groove.

Are there any pics from NAUCC? I really want to see some! Leave a link please.