Plans for Custom Muni.

Ok so ive decided to build myself a custom Muni and i think ive pretty much worked out all the parts for the basic design. The parts i have chosen are as follows:

Frame: Bedford 24x3
Hub/Cranks: 2004 KH 170mm
Rim: 24" Sun Doublewide(Maybe change to a Freeride if i can be convinced)
Spokes: 240mm 14g DT Stainless
Tire: 24x3 Duro(Maybe a Gazz If i have the $$)
Saddle: KH Fusion(Mybe Gel, again if i have the $$)

Also I will probably be adding Maguras if i can hold off on getting a Coker
Stupid Brian and his Coker, making me want one :angry:

If anyone has any suggestions as to what may make it better i would accept. The only thing i will not sway on is the Hub/Crankset. I kno that this set isnt the best but the one on my trials has taken a beating and a half and is still solid as a rock.

Thanks Alot

Is ay if u go custom go custom for real ! thats when livewire unicycles come handy haha, but so far ur setup is fricken sexy g

Anyone else have any comments?

If you want speed, you might want to get 140’s instead. I have 150’s on my Freeride and they are nice and speedy and arn’t bad on hills. It is so much easier riding the 24" with 150’s uphill than my 26" with 170’s, but that might just be the wheel size.

If it costs the same, you could just buy the hub and try the cranks of your trials, if they are no good your could get some 170’s. O but that would means your paying shipping twice. Never mind.


well thats what i though…I have that hub and cranks on my trials right now so i could try the 140s on the Muni. Im not looking for speed really…I just want a muni that can take some abuse but that i can ride at a nice comfortable pace and enjoy the ride:)

Do you already have the Hub/Crank set? Where are you buying it?

I get 1000% more enjoyment out of my 24" with 150’s than my 26" with 170’s, it is just so much more efficient feeling. Even if i’m just plodding along the shorter cranks feel much smoother and alot more comfortable. It is hard to compare my two muni’s, cause i don’t know whats crank length and whats wheel size/weight. Maybe 140’s might be a bit too short but i feel that 170’s would be too long.

My 20c.


Im ordering it in from the bike shop i work at. Its the same place i got my trials hub from. Its only gonna cost me $100 because of my employee discount.

Why do you ask?

I dunno why I’m replying, but here’s my 2c…

I disagree with just about very component choice you’ve made.
You don’t need a gel seat. Save the money and get a cf seatbase frm Scott wallis when you can afford. Make a broken seat fund so you can replace the KH as soon as possible.
A doublewide rim is overkill. I have ridden a DX-32 for over 2-1/2 years, and it’s never gotten more than out of true. The wheelbuild, not the rim, is what counts, assuming you don’t bottom out left and right.
That hub/crankset is an awful choice. On top of a superior prouct already being available for the same price, that hub is obsolete. You will be hard pressed to find replacement parts, and the long cranks will suck.

Maguras are a novelty until you really progress in skill. I rode muni for 3 years without them. Get a better seat, pedals, frame, and hub/crankset before you drop cash on maggies. Then, keep some $$$ on the side to maintain them. There’s always something wrong with a magura on a muni, it’s up to the rider to decide how much you can tolerate before you do some maintainence.

A gazz is not required. It’s nice for pure DH (Santa Barbara Saddle Rock trail comes to mind). A gazz for smooth, fast trails like Downieville is overkill and more of a peeve due to high rolling resistance.

the guys a fool let him do what he wants.

Theres only one thing ill say to this, and that is, NO BRAKES!!!

You really dont need them, we have our legs, thats good enough, even when going down the steepest trails, Ive never needed brakes.

Get a 26’’ frame.

What superior product can i get for $100 CAD??

I really like your setup that would be very nice,

(ps sorry for the dumb question but what are maguras lol, im guessing nice brakes )

Yes, maguras are hydraulic brakes.

How much are they because when i went to my LBS yesterday to buy my uni, they said they could put brakes on for like $80.

They would probly use cable brakes like on a bike…Maguras are about $200 CAD last time i checked.

so then how do they do the mags? What is the difference from lbs or mags can you show me pictures or something?

Thats how Maguras are put on.

Just go to the gallery and search “Magura” it will produce a whole wack of pics.