Planning on getting my first Unicycle.... what do you guys think of this one?!?

Hey guys, I’m in the process of learning Flatland BmX and I ran somehow thought of Unicycling.

I figured it would be real fun, and would be a great aid for Flatland.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading, but i’m still by far a noob.

I like the features of this ride here. What do you guys think? I really dont want to spend over $300 because I’m also saving up for a new Flatland Bike.

I’d use it mostly to ride around town, around school… etc.

I’m 22, 5’11" and 185lbs… I’m more stronger and more fit than most guys my size, so I tend to be a little rougher on bikes. Not htat I treat them bad

anyways… any guidance? I thought this one would suit me best

Its a nice uni with good sadel and a pritty good hub for the price, yeah go for it, but if you are wanting to do flatland stuff on it get a trials unicycle man, its worth the extra money, and make sure its a 20" tire!!!

DON’T GET A 24"!!!

If you are only going to use it to ride then get the 24" its a sweet ride! (that the tire is nice!)


maybe a tyre with a bit better grip…that’s just my perference though

Yeah, I wouldnt do any freestyle with it really, I would use my bike for that,

But many flatland bmx tricks are done on one wheel, so I thought what better practice than a unicycle?!

So I saw that one, and I figured it would be a good one to ride around, town, and if I wanted to hit the dirt road, I could probably just put a 24" tire on it.

If you wanna go offraod don’t use that tire! it will be AWSOME on the road and stuff but i wouln’t mind betting you will have a couple (of hundred) UPDs going through the mud :smiley:

That looks like a very good first unicycle. Unless you do huge drops then it is not likely to break in a hurry. You say you want to do flatland tricks on it now, but maybe after learning to ride you might find another area which you enjoy. Having said that the 24" is a good model for versatility, so if you change your mind and want to go places it isn’t quite as slow as a 20". Before James learned to ride he was sure he would get into trials type riding. After a month or two of learning he seems to be more inclined towards MUni (offroad riding). I don’t think the 2.5" wide hookworm would have too much trouble in the mud compared to a 1.75" wide regular slick. James ceased to be able to ride when he put a knobbly tire on his learner Unicycle, so slick should be a good way to start. I think a seat without a handle would be best for flatland tricks since a handle would get in the way when practising Unispins. Go for it!

If you want something you can really throw around then go for splined cranks/hub. Onza, Summit, and Kris Holm Unicycles all come with relatively cheap splines, making them much closer to being unbreakable than square taper cranks/hub. For offroad you can not beat a 24x3" Gazzaloddi either, but it depends on how much you can afford.

Dittos on the Gazzy three inch tire, they have a lovely bounce. Get the 26 inch if you can swing the price, you’re a big young guy and a tiny wheel has a toyish feeling to it.

A 24" wheel with the Hookworm tire is a good for riding around town on sidewalks. The 24" wheel is small enough that the unicycle is maneuverable enough to be able to ride on sidewalks among pedestrians. When riding among pedestrians maneuverability is key. Bigger wheels like a 29er or Coker are not good in crowds.

The 24" wheel with Hookworm tire is also good for having fun on during the ride. You can hop up curbs, roll up curbs, roll down steps, ride along skinnies like retaining walls, and play on other urban obstacles. The fatter Hookworm tire makes city riding more fun. The fatter tire gives you more coosh and it’s not going to bottom out when doing things like rolling up curbs or riding down stairs.

The 24" is also small enough that you can use it for developing some freestyle skills if you choose.

The 24" is not the best for longer rides on open roads. But you want to ride around town rather than do 10 mile plus rides.