planning for a unicycle

how can i define the difference between
torker CX /LX /DX/ AX
what r they for??

the sell stuff quite cheap
did one buy stuffs from them?


hmmm…I would think a better description would be:

CX = Childs
LX = Learner
DX = Deluxe
AX = Aluminum
TX = Tall (giraffe)

Well, their price for the LX seems reasonable, but you can usually find a better price for the DX on eBay.

I only gave the official torker meanings.

what about the brand SUN

I learned on a sun, it’s decent I guess. Just remember, you get what you pay for. So don’t expect it to be your last unicycle.

NOW you tell me! This weekend I fractured a wrist bone and got 7 stitches at base of pinky finger going down a steep (for me) muni trail.

can any one look a look of these one, please!?

I wouldn’t wast any money on a Sun.

Unimog rode off a few curbs and then did a sharp turn on his 29" and tacoed the wheel.

I’d get the Torker 20" then learn to ride, then some freestyle and light trials (no drops over three curbs w/ your weight). Start saving your money and when you discover the type of uni you want to do most get the best splined uni you can afford (the best is KH). If you want to to do trials more get one of those (19") or muni then a 24", 26+" is better for XC trails and more experienced riders.

That is a good deal on a good learner.

To see what can be done on a LX check out Reef’s (The.Mars.Volta) vids

yeah, thanks everyone
u guys helped me a lot a lot,
i will try to get a torker 20" lx…
hope i can see u guys soon on the trails…

once again , thank you

i hope i can do it one day

confusing time

what is the differences between

One has the seatpost cut down slightly. No functional difference as far as I can tell, both stock 20" LXes.

confusing time

what is the differences between QUOTE]
They look the same. They are both LX’s, right?

i found them from different website
one is 1.75 and one is 2.1
i am so confused which one i should get and

…anyways, can so compare them for me please

Those numbers are the tire width. Generally, I’d say wider is better.

And all those links you listed look essentially the same, except for the difference in tire size you mentioned.

Unless your Danni…:smiley:
hes broken both of his arms doing smaller stuff

I’d stay away from that third one. The frame looks more like a CX. and there specks are a little wack. And besides it costs more.

Fork: Chromoly
Crank: Alloy - 175mm (cotterless)
Tires: “Freaky V” street tire - 20 x 1.75
Rim: Alloy wheel - black w/ silver sides. 48 spoke.
Hub: Sealed bearings, black
Saddle: Padded with front & rear scuff guards
S/Post: Black
Clamp: Double Bolt BMX Style
Pedal: Compostite platform.
Extras: Comes with V-stand
Color: Black only

The LX comes w/ 125 cranks and a 20X2.125 tire stock. The CX comes w/ a 1.75 tire and the max is 1.95"