planning for a unicycle

i am a roadbiker and mountain biker from Hong Kong,currently moved to usa, looking for something new, i think a will buy a unicycle, it is really really awesome, i hope someone can help me out because i still know nothing of unicycle. after i read some posts, i know it is the time to find the answer of some confusing

i am 5’6", what size should i get? 20"/24"(i think i am getting 20", let me know if i am wrong)

also, , how can i know the length of the crank, i mean how can i know if it is fit on me…i am using 170 in MTB.

should i get freestyle first?

ok, THis one is Very IMPORTANT, will i get hurt, break my bone easily from unicycle??

is there any meeting in Los Angeles or around that i can know more about it?or can someone let me try it because the bike shop says it is too dangerous to let me have a test ride.

lastly, anyone wanna sell their unicycle? since this will be my first unicycle, i know i will fall a lot, i dont want to get a brand new bike and destroy it. also , i am just 16, work once a week ,dont wanna spend too much on it for the beginning.


breaking bones is hard to do unless your going down a steep muni trail…
crank length for bikes is different than what you would get for a unicycle, i fit 175s for a MTB…so for a unicycle if u get a 24" u want 150s or whatever feels best…

which one should i choose 20" or 24" ??
still confused…:frowning:

if you want to do tricks and drops and gaps get 20" if you want to do Muni(mountain unicycling) or just light commuting get a 24"

oh i see…
so, if i get a 20"
should i get a pair of short crank(150s) or long one(170s)
or between, can someone teach me how to calculate it, please…

its personal preference. i would go with between 145 and 110 for a 20" though.

oh, thanks, i was know it will be that short
if i go 145 , that will be easier to control than 110?

Yes. Longer cranks are useful for trials, hopping, etc., while shorter cranks are more appropriate for freestyle and other flatland tricks.

thanks again,do u mind if i ask some more question because i just moved here and i suck in english.

i am taking a look of some brand
but where can i see the $$$

the QU-AX
something like the LX DX KH20


is the Dimension good??

the 20" one in the middle
is it good?

no, it would be fine for just learning, but for anything serious it’ll break.

so, what kind of brand do u recommened?

To see the prices for the various unicycles, you’ll have to browse a dealer’s website such as

For learning, I think many people would recommend a Torker LX.

oh, i browsed this one already
do you have any other recommend website
and thank you again.

i am looking for something less than $100
will i be able to find them…

The 20 will be a little easier to learn on, do tricks, and light trials, but a bit slow and doesn’t roll over bumps as well.
The 24 rolls over bumps easier, it’s faster, but a bit harder to learn on, do tricks, and falling is a little more scarry (for me anyways).

When learning wear a helmet, wrist guards, and knee pads (I ALWAYS wear the first two. Find a long rail, fence or wall. A rail between waist and chest height is ideal, and don’t let yourself fall w/o holding onto the rail. When you can semi consistently ride the full length, practice dismounting at a specific spot the uni in front of you and alternately w/ each foot.
The 20" looks like a decent learner and freestlyle, but the rounded crown will make it harder to do feet on fram tricks (some grip tape will help)

The 24 looks like a really good deal for light Muni. Try to find out if the frame will fit a 24X3" tire. If so, it may be worthwhile to upgrade the parts as you get better.

Also how much do you weigh? If its much over 160 lbs It probablly won’t be too long before you start breaking cranks and hubs (which can be upgraded to stronger cotterless ones or even splinned)

If that is your limit you can’t get much better than that. You may also want to look at a Torker LX on e-bay.

NO DROPS or any of these will break pretty quikly.

If you wan’t bomproof at a cheep price Get a Torker DX on e-bay. A bit heavy, but cheap. $220 - $240 depending if you get a 20 or 24.

your informations really helps me a lot
believe it or not, i am around 100lbs
because i am a distance runner

maybe i will raise my limit
but this will be my first unicycle
i dont want to put too much$$ on it before i learn it
u see what i am saying?

i am taking a look of this website
are their deal normal?