Planning: Coast to Coast uni ride.

Hello everyone.

Now that I have lots of free time, and with summer comming up I am starting to get this plan rolling. But im going to need a bit of help.

This is all new right now, so I havent even started a route yet or saving up money for everything I need. I have done some longish trips before, but instead of camping trailside, I have just gone with no sleep and made them into endurance rides, kinda like the 24hr races.

So any help with this would be amazing. Routes, plans, items to bring, specific tents I could bring, and all that goes along with a long ride like this.

Physically, im ready. I cant say the same about my Coker though. It needs a wider hub, and an airfoil/aluminum rim, a new set of spokes, and an extra pair of cranks. Besides the uni parts, I also need some gear for the trip, so heres where you can really help me.

Donations. Any ammount, all of it will go to my savings and will go into buying new parts for this, go for food for the trip, gear, emergencys, and just everything to get me going and keep me going.


I would suggest you contact Lars Clausen, He did a ride through all 50 states a few years ago, getting two world records in the process. I don’t know his email off the top of my head, but if you google him you’ll find one of his sites. he also wrote a book about his ride called “one wheel many spokes”.

Thanks. I should still have a card with his information on it. I dont have much time today to discuss this cause I have a concert to play in that im leaving to in an hour, so all the helpful posts will be good to read when I get home later tonight.

When you have a route picked out see if you can get donations in the form of free room and board as you pass through the hometowns of other riders. You will also probably pick up some ride-alongs for company part of the way. You’re certainly welcome to crash at my place and grab some grub if you pass through.

Adventure Cycling Association has the best route maps for cycle touring; there are a few transcontinental options. They also have a catalog with a lot of lightweight gear for touring.

Gracie Sorbello did it in 2006. There are some threads about her ride. She did it east to west and in her bare feet.

Thanks for the link.

So far taking the Centennial trail to the TransAmerica trail seems like the best way to go. There is also the Northern Tier, but that ends up in Maine, and I dont feel like going there.

But its pretty much up to those two routes right now.

what about a partner, could always use a buddy! and best part is… if things go south you can use them as food :wink:

If this gets going would you car for a tag along?

Car or care?

If car, Id rather do this without a support vehicle.

If its care, I wouldnt mind another rider with me. Interested? It would make the ride better.

The more I think about it and search, the Northern Tier starts to look better than the TranAm.

Still no donations yet though… :slight_smile:

Hey Jerrick, you should totally wait until I graduate to do it and I can ride with you!

When is that?

I guess it depends on the amount of Donations I get. If I dont get much of anything, then I can wait, but if I do start to make some money, im gonna go as soon as I can so they know their money went to a good cause.

Power to ya! I wish I could drop everything for a while and do such a trip. My best bet is to do it Clausen-style, finding a "gap"in my other obligations and making a family affair of it.

Keep us posted on your progress!

Ya im going to go with care… but hey car work good too. what it really comes down to is, are you going to end up spending more on food or on gas?

another thing is that the northern tier totaly has to be in the summer. otherwise we may likely die

sometime next year I hope…

Yeah, Or come out as the most extreme unicyclists ever!

Both routes are fine by me to take, as long as I can just camp off to the side when im too far away from the next town.

I did the lewis and clark trail to missoula and then picked my own route across last summer, and did most of the trans-america route a few years ago. (both on a bike)

As for gear, I’d recommend the Eureka Solitaire tent. It’s got me through two x-country rides and countless storms. It’s also tiny and weighs nothing.

I did a bit of a writeup about urban camping in your last thread on this.
It’s a hella cheap way to overnight. It should take you no time at all to secure a place to stay in whatever town you end up in, especially on a unicycle. At the very least they’ll probably let you in the park. (just keep yourself clean cut)

Let me know if you go through Eugene (if you do the full trans-america route you would) and I’ll set you up with a good overnight. The Columbia River Gorge to Hells Canyon and Missoula is also a beautiful (and way less mountainaous) route.

If you hit Iowa for the last week of July you can meet up with RAGBRAI - a planned 6 day trip across Iowa with 15 thousand other bikers. You’d be welcome to camp with our team, we have several people who unicycle it every year.

Hells Canyon is a beautiful, great place to ride through. I think an ultralight tent would be my next investment.

Light tents make a big difference. That solitaire is also criminaly cheap at only $70.

yeah I saw that, I was surprised. I’ve been looking at Bivy Sacks though and those get pretty freakishly expensive.