Places to ride in Bangor,Maine

I’ll be travelling through Maine next month and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for places to ride (mainly muni) in or around Bangor.


there’s tons of places to ride, alone in ME. There’s just no population there.

I go to the University of Maine (Right near Bangor). There are lotsa trails, but they are kinda hard to explain where they are easily. Stop by The Ski Rack ( ) and ask them whats good they know whats up… If you wanna riding partner Henry and I (maybe Bryan too) would be down!

Awesome! Thanks guys, I’ll post when I know exactly where and when I’ll be there. The more the merrier

Hi guys,
I’m heading to Bangor this morning and I’ll be there for a few days.
I’ll wander the streets on my 24" and hope I run into other unicyclists.

I got to Ski rack sports about 5 minutes too late. I’ll have to try again in the morning. Any riders in Bangor interested in going out tomorrow?
Send me a PM.

Sorry, didn’t see this early enough… Still in Maine?