places to buy Impact seats

I’ve been thinking about getting an Impact seat for awhile now and I’ve found that really the only place to get one in the U.S. is from Renegade. Before I order it, I’d like to know if there are any other websites in the U.S. that sell them. So is Renegade the only place in the U.S. that sells Impact seats?

I’m pretty sure Renegade is the only place that sells them. I’ve ordered from them before and they were great, very helpful and quick. But I’d call them to place an order, their online shop is pretty awful.

A quick note on the seat though, as I have one myself. It’s been fantastic, doesn’t get in the way of my riding, easy to grip, etc but the base of the seat is weak and flexes a lot. Just something to keep in mind.

consider the new KH saddle that’s out too, I got a chance to look at it at IJA (juggling festival) and it was awesome! it’s a tad thicker, but just enough that it can have the trench down the middle. I have an impact but I think it’s a little uncomfortable so it’s on my freestyle. Wish I did trials, it would be perfect for that. Shvr is right though, it’s way more flexy than I had imagined it because it uses the old style KH base.