Pizza cutter

You have already guessed where this is going.

Hilarious! :smiley:

His riding technique for the pizza may seem reckless, but it’s actually pretty solid. You would be surprised how slippery a pizza is to a steel tire.

And here I was going to post or link some pictures of Leo V.'s Pizza Cutter giraffe uni, but realize they are from 1999, the years of film! :frowning: It was a small giraffe with a while that was basically an 1/8" thick pizza cutting blade. Chromed steel. That means no traction! You need traction to ride through a pizza, especially a typical American one. His act in the 1999 USA Convention Public Show (North Bend, WA) was pretty funny, but he did wipe out in the pizza. Then I got to eat some. :slight_smile: