Pix of my new bedford!!!

ok so i used my busted camera and managed to get a few decent pix of my new uni for those of you who are interested. the first two are of my new wheelset on the old frame i had( i put it on because it was lighter that the bedford frame) and the second 2 are of the frame that came with it(which is now home to my old wheelset) i just wanted to kno how the clearance was on the new wheelset…is it enough or should i change it back to the bedford?

p.s. all pics were taken in my bathroom because it was the only place in my house with decent lighting.

p.s.s. sorry bout the last one its really off to the side…my cameras viewfinder is smached so i cant acctually see what im getting a pic of untill i upload it to my computer.

IMAG0019.bmp (900 KB)

IMAG0020.bmp (900 KB)

IMAG0001.bmp (900 KB)

IMAG0002.bmp (900 KB)

can someone tell me if the clearance on my trials is enough please…i wanna kno before tommrow cuz im leaving for the weekend and i cant take both frames. some one please preferably a trials rider as they would probly have the best info for me.

Well I don’t know about the clearance but if it might be a problem just put the bedford on to be safe…

ok ill do that then…youve been riding longer than me so ill just trust you on that one.

I can’t tell much from the pic because from that angle it looks like the tire is bigger than the opening, I can’t see any clearance on left side. Just ride it when you have a chance and see if it rubs at all.

i just did that…it rubs just the teenyest bit…so im gonna change it back to the bedford frame just to be safe…besides the bedford frame is prstty sexy.

Ride it in the house. If the tire doesn’t rub, it should be okay.

that looks sweet, i think i will seriosly consider getting that uni

you wont regret it…i wiegh almost 200lbs and ive taken it of a couple of 2-3 foot drops already…just make sure you always roll out