Pittsburgh Shindig Muni Ride Pics

For those who attended the Pittsburgh Juggling shindig, I’ve posted a few pictures of the Muni ride this morning. Sorry I didn’t have time to post a unicyclist.com gallery. Anyone else is free to do so if this site is too slow.



Great pix Josh!

Thanks so much for posting them up.

I think I might add a them to the Campus Fools site if you dont mind as well.

Also thanks to everyone for comming out without you guys we wouldnt have been able to have such a fun weekend.



Well done on getting your mug in almost every shot. With the rope I assume you held on and rode off the “cliff”?


That looks like a great little group. I like the good variety of ages and gender. That’s what I want our weekly ride group to be like.


Pittsburgh Shindig Muni Ride Pics

Hey Josh sweet pictures! Thats a nice shot of Mike on the rope swing! Thanks Mike for putting on such a great event! I can’t wait till next year!