Pit Fighter .....BROKE

So I broke my Pit Fighter seat post. Only took 2 months of ridding, I thought it would last longer than that. The bracket just broke right out of the tube. I was flipping a 3 set when it went down.

I am currently waiting to hear back from yoggi about what will happen about this.

Here is the damage.

I am pretty sure it has a 1 year warranty.

Cool. I hope, as like most warranties, it is replaced with the new current model. If the pit fighter 2 is coming out that would be nice replacement as When I got this 2 months ago it was the top of the line option.

Wow, those things are supposed to be the best of the best too right?

Well more power to ya! (let’s hope ya get the v2!)

Hahahaha, very nice man! Props to you, I think you’re the first to break one :smiley:

Nah, I know Adrien has broken at least 2.

Wow, they sure don’t look that strong…

Is it a good suggestion for me to get one of these in the future?

I guess I’m just behind on the times :frowning:

get a quax alu reinforced seat post they’re good too and they’re cheaper

i’ve got one for a couple of months now and it went fine…

– bobousse

it looks ALOT beefier in real life

um im pretty sure you cant get an upgraded seatpost, you have a nimbus street frame right? If you do then no you cant upgrade your seatpost

what frame do you have, caus agentQ has a 27.2 frame (i think thats what tritons are) and qu-ax only offers that post in 25.4 (he would need a shim)

@ agentQ wow im surprised, did you get footy of you breaking it? if you did post it

i got a black domina frame, ibuilt a shim in it so that i can use 25.4mm seat posts

– bobousse

UDC US, doesnt sell the qu-ax reinforced. If I am not hooked up with the pit fighter 2, I will be using a CrMO post.

Yeah Raphael Poham just broke his in that spot too.


MDC (municycle.com) sells them…But that’s a bit to far , its Germany…


Sometimes that doesnt matter. Check what the shipping would be. Sometimes ive gotten stuff from them cheaper than if I bought it in the states.


No, I didnt get it on film.

So It looks like Koxx-One does not want to give up a pit fighter II. Its gonna be very hard to trust the pit fighter every again.

Buy 2 Quax seatposts the same time.

I am just gonna pay the extra few dollars and upgrade to the PF-II as my replacement.