Pit Bulls encounter during MUni ride!

That stinks, it happened to me a lot though. Really scared me as a kid, I’ve gotten chased by so many dogs its ridiculous and that is just in my neighborhood. So I’m not bothered much now, though I still get extremely annoyed especially on public trails.

Anymore I don’t yell at dogs I just talk real stern, then they normally leave. Once we had a pit-bull following use down an alley and I just let it know that if it were to come at me it would be the looser. Good thing pit-bulls are slow and stocky, easy to fend off unlike a German shepherd. Haha, a few years back one was chasing me on my bike so I let it have it right in the face, that was the end though the owner was really pissed. What’s a leash cost 5 bucks?

I hate pitbulls, they’re so scary.

This past summer Jordan and I were riding and there was a pitbull unleashed inside a baseball diamond, and another dog and owner past while the pitbull was at “play” and it completely freaked out, it was nuts. The bark it had just sounded completely vicious, and then it ran like mad towards the gate which was half open, half closed, so Jordy and I rode our 19" unis like MAD! We watched this scene from like 25ft away.

So I definitely feel where your coming from, Terry. That must have been crazy scary when the dogs were circling you.

Someone has died from my town because of a pitbull, just goes to show how dangerous they really are.


EDIT: I’m glad I have a toy poodle :roll_eyes:

Ick. Sorry you had such an encounter. Aggressive dogs like that should definitely be on leashes!

On a bicycle, I’ve had two bad encounters with dogs. One, the dog was quite aggressive, but fortunately, I was able to stare him down. I started carrying a stick with me after that.

Second one was a group of dogs (about 7). Luckily, they were all very friendly, too friendly. One got in front of my bike and flipped me. It was a tar and gravel road, so I ended up losing all the skin on my forearms. I hurt so bad that I thought my arms were broken. :slight_smile:

As I said about Terry’s encounter, it seems there is a lack of common sense with the owner. If someone is to own a Pitbull, it should go without saying that they know the reputation that neglectful owners and the media have given them. They should research into the breed, and see if a Pitbull really is the dog for them.

Pitbulls were bred to fight, what do people expect if idiots are allowed to own Pitbulls? The same goes for any Bull Terrier breed, be it English Bull, Pit Bull, Staffordshire, whatever. I grew up with Staffordshire Bull Terriers, I was one when my parents got the first, they bred from her a few times, and kept one pup from the first litter. 15 years and not a problem with either dog, other dog owners were quick to moan, but again down to the media and neglectful owners. Back when my parents got our first Staff, my dads mate had a Staff - Pitbull cross, he was a great dog, fine with othere, fine with kids. My English Bull I had a good few years was also fine with other dogs, she ignored them.

I can’t remember the exact details, but there was some dog over here a while ago, the owner was unconcious or something, and the dog mauled the owners face. That dog was praised by the media as it ‘‘was trying to get the owners attention’’. If it was any kind of Bull Terrier the media would have tarred it with the same ‘‘Vicous Bull Terrier’’ headline that they allways do, and the dog would have been ordered to be destroyed.

The way I see it, if you are going to judge a breed of dog on a few bad examples blown out of proportion by the media, and allow yourself to share the view of the media, is like saying ‘‘All people who have any ability on unicycle, is a clown’’, it’s blatantly not true, and I bet most of the community will argue the point too. It’s even like judging people by race because of a few bad examples, so you may as well be racist.

Anyhow, rant over for the time being. There’s not much I give a shit about, the reputation of certain breeds of dog being chosen by the media however, is one thing I do give a shit about. And the paragraph isn’t aimed at anyone, before there’s any finger pointing.

Dogs and Muni

Record for this summer, all involving unleashed large dogs on single track with owners who didn’t seem too concerned: 3 bites (all by Dobermans) all on leg armor, fortunately. 1 charge by a Rottweiler that had me pinned against a tree, swing the uni like a bat until the tiny woman “walking” it could corral it. Had she not gotten the beast under control, the next step would have been the stick through the chain collar and twist. I was tempted anyway, just on general principles. Dogs seem not to like unicycles…edg

Same here … riding MUni on trail that states: No Motorized Vehicles and DOGS MUST BE ON LEASH. Passed a man with dog off leash and it nipped my leg armor. Funny, they always look at me like I am wrong but I smile and bare my teeth and let them know that I am not to be reckoned with.
I don’t always follow every rule so I give them a break. The first time.

Too bad I wasn’t carrying my pepper spray. I often ride there very early when NO ONE is around, and I’ve heard stories of wild dogs and mountain lions roaming early am. Not that it would work 100% effectively, but I’m also thinking of carrying a hunting knife, sheathed and strapped to my outer forearm or leg for quick deployment, in a life threatening situation.

You would not even know a mountain lion is watching, stalking you, until he’s ON you and clamping down on your neck to bring you down! Not only would I be no match (using just my hands) for an average 130-150lb. mtn lion, most heavier people wouldn’t be either! Worse case scenario yeah, and not very likely, but at least you can be prepared as best you can. :o

USAF Survival Knife leg Strap.jpg

Haha a bb or pellet gun is not going to phase a mtn lion, much, and would likely be awkward to use in a sudden attack situation. It could also misfire or jam. Hunting knife is the way to go. Even a loud whistle would help spook a wild animal and keep it at bay long enough to get into a defensive mode. Lol, Rambo on a MUni! :stuck_out_tongue:

You should see if SixSixOne would incorporate this into a shin pad!:slight_smile:

Dog’s on the leash can be just as hazardous (well it’s less scary than your encounter), I was riding down a shared cycle/pedestrian path and there was a woman with two lage dogs on long leads. She was stood in the middle with a dog on either side, basically blocking the whole path.
I slow down, shout escuse me, nothing, ring bell, nothing. Get really quite close, shout again. Que startled woman and dogs. She screams, dogs corral me, I UPD nearly crushing the dogs. She gets angry.

Yeah people can be weird that way; like when you’re driving and someone blatantly cuts you off, and then you see them giving you a dirty look, or flipping you off, even though it was clearly them who cut you off! Pretty commonplace, at least in Los Angeles! Especially now that I drive a prius, and always drive the speed limit, even little old ladies whiz by me like I’m standing still!

To quote John Lennon: “…runnin’ everywhere at such a speed…'till they find, there’s no need” :slight_smile:

Although I’ve noticed that dogs don’t act very charitably towards me when I’m on my uni, I have not had any real ‘encounters.’

Where I lived in S. America, there were a lot of roaming dogs on the streets. I’ve kicked a couple when out on my bike.:slight_smile:

Pit bulls have gotten a bad rap because of how they have been raised, but in reality,(a guy from MS told me this) they are not inherently viscous. This guy had two, one being a small adorable, sleek, compact black pit bull. And it was very friendly and I never heard a peep out of it direct towards me.

Always beware of blanket statements and assumptions.

Irony much

Unfortunately, there have been MANY reports of pit bulls-raised from pups with love and care-[so they say] that have unexpectedly and viciously attacked, mauled and even killed infants, young children, adults, other dogs, etc. And you usually don’t hear about this happening with poodles, cocker spaniels and other breeds, except maybe rots and dobys.

If I had kids I sure as heck would not own one of these dogs, and I sure wouldn’t let them ALONE with my kids…as many STUPID, irresponsible folks have done, and continue to do. “Oh, it’s fine, they have never bitten or hurt anybody before. (yet!) They are gentle as a lamb…really!” :roll_eyes:

I agree.

I’ve known lovable pit bulls. But the potential energy is great. That’s why I wouldn’t want a pet tiger to hug.

Terry, glad you didn’t get mauled. Those dogs could sense your fear but they are used to your reactions.:wink:

It’s usually the pit bull owners (or those who may know someone who has one and they seem perfectly fine) who are in a state of denial about their “pets” potential for great harm. Many of these owners have no problem or concerns about even leaving their little kids alone with them! There are lots of sad and tragic examples with this breed.

Hahaha, you’d like a crazy person if you had a knife on you riding a unicycle down a mountain…

Even though mountain lions are really intense.


A friend of mine was killed by a mountian lion in california 4 years ago while out mountian biking. Sure it doesnt happen much but,ya never know.
Here is a link to the Mark Reynolds Memorial Bike Fund, Check it out !
He was a great guy.

Some facts on human deaths in a 20 year period by dog breed. Little wonder why Pit Bulls, at #1 on the list, strike so much fear in people; The fear is not unfounded, and the stats bear this out.

<Topping the list of deaths by dog in a twenty year period is the Pit Bull and Pit Bull mix at 66 human deaths. >

I find a lot of kids are jsut stupid with dogs. Grab their face, and when a nice dog starts to growl, they just keep going at the dog until it bites and attacks.

Ive yet to see a kid be attacked without the kid asking for it.

On the other hand, ive been attacked and chased by about every dog breed I know. Living out in the woods has had me attacked by a few other animals too ( I was even chased by a moose haha), but I cant blame the wild animals for what they do.