Pit Bulls encounter during MUni ride!

I had just finished about 7 miles of MUni and was climbing out of the canyon on the fireroad that leads to the top where I was parked. This lady with four UNLEASHED dogs was heading my way down the fireroad when TWO of her unleashed pit bulls noticed me riding and they both started barking loudly and were getting closer and closer to me in a very threatening manner.

I dismounted and held my MUni out in front of me as a kind of shield and at the same time I was yelling at the dogs, “GET AWAY”, and then at the lady telling her to “CONTROL your dogs and get them on a LEASH!” Well, she didn’t react with much concern as the two pits started to CIRCLE ME! :astonished:

I told her she had better get them under control and on their leashes or I would grab the nearest rock and bash the FU##ING heads in! And I meant it! I told her “it’s people like YOU who get kids KILLED by these types of dogs” and that she is endangering people by letting them run wild!

She finally was able to “corral” them and hold on to them so as I got the heck out of there. I yelled back “DUMB BI##” and felt damn lucky that I wasn’t attacked and seriously mauled. When these dogs bite they don’t let go!

I know I probably shouldn’t have said that, but I was way pissed at her total disregard for other people’s safety, and I wanted her to know it! She KNEW she was breaking the ordinance that is posted in PLAIN sight that she had JUST passed to enter the canyon! :roll_eyes:

Can’t miss it!



Ive had that before too. If it’s one dog its not too bad. But I have had 2 on me before, they end up circling you and while you get rid of one the other goes for the back of your legs! I felt slightly more confident because I had shin pads on, yet they still cut into my knee :angry: I have dogs myself and I wouldn’t let them off near people if there was a chance of then attacking them, luckily mine are friendly… those buggers weren’t!

Admittedly the sign on that particular field says dogs must be on leads, and no cycling… but 2 dogs are more vicious than a unicyclist lol.

I have since come to the conclusion that dogs DONT like unicycling paperboys. Ive been attacked three times, and the previous paperboy (livetouni, also a unicyclist) had one of those dogs thatlook like horses rip his leg open. News paper delivery is a dangerous job!

Wow, sounds like you were lucky to get away! I would have spoken to the lady the same way, she deserved it.

People who can’t controll dogs shouldn’t have the right to own them, and terry, I would just like to say, rocks would be ineffective or at least not very affective. If a dog attacks you, kick it in the chest or head. It may seem mean, but its either you injury or theres, and your legs are MUCH stronger than your arms

I ride this trail all the time; probably close to 100 times, and there’s always lots of people walking their dogs-but always on leashes. I have never had a bad encounter with a dog until this incident, and I often even stop to pet and talk with people with their dogs. They always seem to be have been well trained and friendly dogs and never a problem. I love dogs, cats and all animals, but I’ll do whatever it takes to protect myself in situations like this. No doubt.

Yeah same here… I’ll try not to hurt the dogs, and get the owner to get them off, but if they were just useless it would turn to a small rampage. No way would I want to hit one.
Luckily I only got away with a little bite in the back of my knee, but it could have been much worse had the owner not got his dogs when he did.

What; no video? :roll_eyes: Sorry to hear about this episode. Encounters with people who don’t seem to care have a way of screwing up your whole day.:frowning:

It’s a Dog-eat-Terry world out there.

Glad you’re OK.

People go all the way to Spain to run with Bulls, you, lucky bastard, get to do it right in your own backyard!

Did any of them have Lipstick on?

Next time set the example and leash your MUni.

Some dog owners should just be slapped.

Next time, take a picture of the woman with her unleashed dogs. She’ll love that.

I can relate, as a fairly avid bicyclist I have had plenty of encounters with dogs, especially with my dad, who seems to be a dog magnet. We always carry this with us, it normally stops the dogs for a while.

Good that you were unscathed from the incident. Idiots like the dog owner you mentioned shouldn’t be allowed to own dogs. Knowing the reputation that Pitbulls have, common sense should say that you don’t let them off leads. I have no problem with the particular breed, they are good at what they were bred for, I’d have a Pitbull if they were legal here. It’s idiot owners that can’t controll the dogs that give them the reputation.

I am yet to have a ‘‘dog incident’’ while on a unicycle. I had one while bmxing one day, some chav idiot with his little Staffie, the Staff was barking and chasing anyone on the ramps, so I told him to sort it out. As it was a fair bet he’d be there the next day, I had my partner at the time come with me with our English Bull Terrier, we walked our our dog about a bit, and needless to say as our dog was bigger, the chav wasn’t keen on hanging about with a small barking Staffie. Haven’t seen him since, lol.

This lady (I use that word loosely) appeared to be a total nutjob and even acted as if I was at fault for even being in her vicinity! I felt like quoting Steve Martin with a loud, “WELL EXCUUUUUUUSE…MEEEEEE!” :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes:

Ironic that in this situation, the dogs and owner remained calm, while Terry acted as if he were rabid.

Oh I can picture it now:

MuniAddict as Cesar Millan in … “The MUNI Whisperer!”


The idea of photos (or video) is to use as evidence of what happened. Without either of those it’s just your word against hers. You may see her again someday…

Yeah, a picture/video of her dogs not being on a leash would be perfect if you made a case out this.

John & Jerrick: Yeah my hands were a bit full, fending off these about-to-attack pit bulls, (which were anything but “calm” :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: ) but yeah I wish I had had my camera handy, just in case.

Unleashed Dogs

Loose dogs are totally my pet peeve (sorry for the pun). I have zero respect for anyone who thinks there isn’t a problem taking an unleashed dog down a multi-use path.

Even if your dog is not attacking cyclists it does not know to stay out of the way. Both cyclists and dogs can be injured very badly, not to mention if the dog is barking/chasing people.

I have told dog owners in public parks while riding on a bike trail to get their dogs leashed while I was going by on my 36", and they scoff me and say “He’s not chasing you, it’s fine.” I will not be as patient if it ever happens again.

Glad to hear you got away Terry, and told her off


Thanks. I kinda feel bad for yelling at her, but at least she probably won’t ever let those dogs unleashed there again! There’s lots of people who hike that trail with their kids every day, so better this happened with me to hopefully prevent something worse from occurring in the future. :o