Pirouettes on a unicycle

I don’t know exactly what it is called but I wanted to know how to get into and do the thing where you spin in a circle really fast. It kind of looks like a pirouette on a unicycle. Any ideas/suggestions :thinking:

i cant do it yet
but i received some tips already

one of them is that you need to pratice doing circles without any stop of the pedals… its need to be constant and more and more closed…

you begin doing the circles and closing the angle but always constant at the speed!
Them when your circle is really closed you will get to a angle to stop the cranks at a horizontal position and rotate your body to begin the pirouet

i think is that…
iam not at the point to stop the cranks, but iam already doing circles in a closed angle…


a pole

Sometimes I just ride towards a pole (or something else that won’t move much when I push/pull on it), grab it with one hand, and sort of pull in. This of course causes me to spin, which I maintain by pedaling.

It’s not very difficult to do it this way, but still takes some practice, and might even be considered cheating to some people…but whatever, it still looks the same.

good way to learn, I guess…even though I still can’t pirouette without touching something.

I can normally get 2-4 full rotations before I need to stop.

Get short cranks. Its pretty much impossible to do on a trials uni because apart from the tyre being way too grippy the cranks hit the ground.

On a freestyle uni make sure you have lots of air in your tyre so there isn’t much resistance. Then just try to ride in gradually smaller, smooth circles. Also try to lean into the middle of the circle. My biggest problem is that I get dizzy and cant ride out of them. I have to learn that spotting thing that ice skaters/dancers use when they spin.


I do that all the time but cause I have a trials uni I only get 1.5 revs max