Piro the Clown

A little earlier i posted about how i am unicycling as a clown in a show. I love the costume(a sick gothic black and white clown, ill post pics) i love the fact that i actually get to uni in the play(along with another principal part) and i get all my free time there to head out back and play around with the stairs and loading dock. Im having a blast and I’ve gotten over the clown thing because my clown is Kickass. The worst part is the chose my 24" torker (1-2 months old) and they wanted it black so I went got some wax tape and put it on all over then went over the white wax tape with some black electrical tape and put a checkered peice of cardboard in the wheel so the spokes and rim are unseen on both sides(remember this is 1850’s so they didnt have crome) I know im gonna have a mess but its ok
Any comments?

is the black and white tape crisscrossd to create the diamond pattern u see on so many of the old clown suits?

Kind of the top right half of it is black and white checkers and the top left black sequentse. The bottom is just switched around at the waist so i have four sections and i have two big fluffball buttons and two other white fluffball knee peices with black or white patches below. Ill post pictures tonight. With the uni done in black. I just finished the seat where i had to cover my miyata in black fabric to hide the ardecco green(is that how u spell ardecco/artdecco?) and i added some extra foam and its darn more comfy than a normal miyata.


The “Goo Gone” product is pretty good at getting rid of tape glue once you’re done. Spray it on and leave it for a little while. Then paper towel it off and repeat. It’s far better than alcohol, or (I imagine) than WD-40.