pipe cutting?

OK so I’ve been taking apart and pipe cutting the seat post and replacing / testing my KH24F

I’ve already took off like nearly 2 inch, and it still done feel right trying to ride it. Feels like i gotta still stretch for the pedals.

How tall are you?

5’10" with around 31" inside leg.

I am a similar height and leg length and I had to cut about 4 inches off mine to make it comfortably ridable.


4 inches? :astonished:

Well i’m taking about half a inch ish at a time and trying it out. :o

Lucky me though has a small bench grinder so i don’t have to do tonnes of sanding, i just use the triangle piece off the pipe cutter to take off the inside edge bits, and the grinder has 2 gradients and i use both and get a nice edge with little effort.

It’s just a pain repeating it over and over, also the seat post seat bolts are a pain :smiley: coz i had my magura brakes sorted.

Im 6 foot and i took nearly two inches off my KH24, and i tend to ride very tall, other people of my height find my uni too tall, so 4 inches doesnt sound unreasonable.

I had to even saw some of the frame on my onza when I got it. I have never bought a KH as it always says that it’s recommended for people with legs longer than mine (well it doesn’t say that exactly but says legs longer than …, which is longer than my legs). Shame, cos I would have liked the 29er in the UDC sale. :frowning: