pint-sized safety equip?

What are some places / brands that carry kid-sized safety equipment? I’m looking for elbow & leg guards for a 5’4" person with toothpick skinny limbs. LBS has severely limited selection of that size range…

A kid I know is 5 foot 4 inches, and he uses soccer shingaurds. He dosn’t where elbow pads, but I am sure you can pick up a small pair at Wal-Mart.

Yeah, that’s on the table. I wanted to get a one piece knee-shin combo though. Oh, and hopefully ankle guards too, now that I think of it…

Try rollerblade stuff!

Cheech is right, there is plenty of pint-sized rollerblade armour and skateboard armour. Just search around the net.

I almost forgot about JensonUSA…and they’re just down the freeway. Sweet.