Has anyone ever pinstriped their unicycle or know someone that has. I’m in the middle of painting mine right now but a unicycle’s frame has such an awkward shape to pinstripe. Anybody have any suggestions?

GaaAAAaahHHH!!! Why are there so many unicyclists in southern california and none in northern california??? I need company!!

And sorry, I can’t help with the pinstriping issue.

I would tape off the stripe, and paint over the stripe and tape. Therefore, when you peel off the tape, you have your stripe on the uni.

Has anyone ever pinstriped
so what is that exactly, like powdercoating or something?

It’s decoration using really thin lines either taped or painted on.

my little brothers has 2 mini pinstripe designs on it but its only one color, just take it to someone who pinstripes and pay them and get it done right…

Depends on what you want. if its just a basic line, use 2 strips of masking tape then paint overhte top, if you want a complex design use hat really thin tape pinstripers use, and the do your pattern and use a model brush to paint the line then peel the tape off either side leaving your crisp lines… Or you could use a spray apint stencil, or make somthings similar of your own, tape it securly to your frame then spray or brush paint onto it, (practise on somehting else first)

There are plenty up here as well. I once rode in the Modesto Fourth of July parade with the second-most unicyclists I’ve ever been in a parade with, around 50. That was a few years ago, but many of those people probably still ride. If you don’t know Bruce Clifton send me an email. He would be your local contact person, though his group predates the world of Trials and Street riding.

As for pinstriping, good luck! A unicycle frame should definitely be a challenge, followed by the challenge of keeping the paint on there when the unicycle gets used. A cheap alternative would be to use tape (instead of paint), but that’s probably not what you’re after. I did that on my unicycle’s fender once. That would be the Excessory Cycle, on this page. Scroll down to see a picture that doesn’t really show the tape. If I ever get the thing put back together, I’ll take better pictures of it…

my lil bros uni looks trashed with the paint job now, its not as pretty any more…

i dont think pinstripe on a unicycle will last very long. you will probly have to give a lot of clearcoats over the top or it will scratch off

Well, the only way the paint could scratch off is when your shoe kicks it or when your taking it apart. Otherwise, you’ll notice it’s impossible for the frame to hit the ground with the seat and tire on.

Well, if you take the uni on anything but flat ground, the frame will hit stuff, I promise. And it’s not just collisions that take paint off. Over time your knees rubbing the frame will wear the paint completely off.

I think it’s a vain effort to put effort into painting a unicycle. Good luck, but really, watch the unicycles of the best (non-sponsored) riders. None of them will have pretty frames,s imply because they use the things, and that wears the paint.

OneLessCar, I’m in San Francisco, and there are usually 2-3 uni rides organized around here per week. If you’re looking for hardcore muni and trials, there’s not as many, but I certainly still ride, and there are few others in the east and north bay.

Haha…thanks for the replies…sorry for totally taking the thread off topic…

I know there are plenty of riders in the bay area, I was actually out there last week…it’s just frustrating to live in the middle of the central valley…no hills for an hour either way. It’s a little tough for me to get to the bay area, too, as reliable transportation is tough for me to get :frowning: .