Pins on BMX Pedals

I recently bought a pair of Oddessy BMX pedals with removable pins. They replaced the rubber, great-for-indoor-but-not-so-much-for-outdoor-especially-in-the-winter pedals that came with my uni (a Bedford 20" freestyle).

My question to you urban trials riders, who I assume to use a similar pedal, is: do you often lose pins when the pedals hit the ground (on concrete or ashphalt or the like), or when you’re doing pedal grabs on hard objects? I’ve already had to replace three of mine (replacements came with the pedals, so it’s not that bad) just from riding around on pavement and having the pedals smack curbs or the ground.

I assume this isn’t so much of a problem with MUni as the ground, for the most part, would be softer.

Is this just a fact of trials, or is there something I’m not doing right?


fact of trials

They samsh off all the time. Unless you limit your trials to wood stunts.

I just screwed some self tapping screws up through the bottoms of my Oddysee’s. They busted off, too, but can be replaced alot quicker then the pins (unless you already have a bag of pins handy)

they break off.
but theyre realy cheap (less than £1 for a full replacement set)
and available at your local bike shop

so make sure you have pedals with standard replaceable pins
there are two types of replaceable pins that i have seen,

wellgo style, they have a + style head and screw in from the underside
which are easy to tighten up because the screw head is protected from scrapes. but can dammage the pedal when they get ripped out.

and dmr style, which are hex grub screws that screw in from the top.
they are a bit iritating to tighten up because the hex heads get bent and filled with mud/wood/concrete/etc but they give much more grip and i havent seen one dammage a pedal when they get ripped out. probably because they always work a little loose.

i prefer padals with the dmr style pins.

Cool. I figured this was probably the case, but just wanted some confirmation.

The pins on my Oddysee’s are push-in – no threading, which may make them more susceptible to coming out.


I guess this doesn’t aply to you, but for anoyone with screw-in pins, i would stongly recommend lock-tite to hold the pins in. As soon as you get your pedals, take them out one pin at a time, and lock-tite all them in there. They still come out, but much slower.


LocTite the push in pins too. The Red high strength threadlocker would probably be best for the push in pins like on the Oddessy pedals. For threaded pins the blue threadlocker works well (I think the blue is medium strength). Red LocTite in threaded pedal pins would be way overkill.