pinkman spotted

A couple of those pictures contain nudity, so protect your children againts these shocking facts if you think you’ll need to.

We were just talking about Pinkman yesterday. None of my friends know who he is, other than a pink guy who shows up and rides around Berkeley and that general area. Everybody around there has heard of pinkman.

But has he heard of us? He’s one of the vast majority of unicyclists out there who just ride, and don’t feel the need to connect with lots of other unicyclists…

I know him as someone other than pinkman. He’s from Berkeley, and is (or was) sponsored by last I heard (about a year ago). He rides in parades and political demonstrations and critical mass. I know him from a bike shop-thingy, and also from Berkekley unicycle basketball. Ashley, Tom Holub, Kris (the one from the bay area) and Mike Scalisi all know him too, I think. I’m pretty sure he knows about the general unicycle community.

Seems he leaves a track, anywhere he goes he is logged:

And another one: